Aria guitar, only found 1 other on the 'net. WITH PICS!!!!!!

I have an aria pro II diamond series rock device. And my knowledge of this guitar ends there. The serial number is K016028, so it is not like the average aria serial number which begins with a date. Anyone else know of this guitar? Couldn't find it in the aria archive.



hmmmm.. pictures don't display. the links will work tho!

btw I have all the fine tuning bits, it came with a floyd rose type thingy in bits but it still is put-on-able with a bit of WD-40 lol

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We need photos!

Looks like you linked to the page before the actual image, as opposed to the full size they are, they're a bit huge tho lol! :D

Not your model but there is someone else with a K prefix here...after trawling a bit it seems basically nobody knows why they randomlly used a letter :roll: theories vary from letter=month of manufacture, to special custom features to putting the wrong stamp in the stamping-thing!

Thx for that! THat's wierd tho! Does anyone know when these were made?
(and now I know how to post images yaaaay) :roll:
Thx in advance!

No worries, I love my Aria and really want to find out about this one...cos it is a bit weird :lol:
Serial numbers aren't always date-coded but even the format of that is odd and the headstock is very long, kinda like an old Washburn or something I've seen...hmm...

Any updates? (I fear that this topic i s soon going to move to page 2 lol)

i might just be impatient tho :D

Hi rsslcs.

Just to stir the pot, I'm going to guess your guitar was made in 1990.

I'm basing this guess on a page description of a 1990 catalog in the Aria Archive.

p.20:Diamond series,JX-550,JX-450,JX-400,TEX-400,TEX-350,JPJ-400

Unfortunately, no page scans are included at the Archive so I can't confirm whether your guitar is pictured on this page or not. It appears the Diamond series was gone by 1991 so your instrument was likely just a one year release, hence very little info available.

If you are not familiar with the Aria Archive, you can check it out here. The fella has a pretty exhaustive collection of Aria literature.


Sorry, the pictures make the page so wide I didn't notice you mentioned you had already searched the Aria Archive in your original post.

So you don't think the mention of the Diamond Series in the 1990 catalog relates to your guitar?

SB tends to be the guy (or girl come to think of it) who can get his head round this stuff...that may well be a good starting point.

that looks a LOT like it, identical except for the bridge pickup, but that was replaced, so it's a sort-of match? The on;ly problem is that is was bought in the eighties!? My head hurts. Too many dates. :evil: It's the first one (duh lol)

Sorry to hyjack your thread, but i've tried searching the net for info and i've hit a brick wall!
I bought a telecaster copy a few weeks ago, i was told it was an
"Aria proII-TEX-350" it has "madaxe" on the head stock.
The head stock is the same shape as the Aria Pro II above, so i guess is it one.

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