1988-89 Fender Telecaster-Rare

My brother made leather guitars and I have to unfortunately sell some of them. When my brother died at a young age in 1994 he left the remaining guitars in his collection to my mom and when she passed away, she left them to me. The guitars are outrageous and each is a piece of art work as well as a great instrument. I can send pictures via email to anyone that wants. I really need some help; I don’t have a clue how to sell them however I know a collector or stage performer would flip over them. And I'm embarrassed to say I don't know how to post pictures from my inbox email.

A little history- My brother was a true Manhattan-ite. He lived, worked and played in Manhattan. He was a self taught musician and was a regular comedian (guitars were part of his performance) at the Improv in Manhattan in the 70's and 80's. His creativity also went into leatherwork and creating leather guitars and other unique leather items. He created leather guitars for Eric Clapton, Howard Stern and the Hard Rock Cafe. He traveled to guitar shows throughout the country to show his leather guitars.
At the time of his death one guitar was specifically made for Bruce Springsteen, but unfortunately, he was never able to pass it on. There are only four guitars left to be sold, as his other creations are already in the possession of other collectors. Since he is no longer with us, guitar work like this will never be re-created.
The USA guitar
1988-89 USA LEATHER BOUND-made at the Corona factory, USA
For the true American Patriot, and serious guitar collector, this beautiful USA made model is #14 in his collection, made in March of 1991. Maple neck, maple fretboard, single coil pickup, with a smooth warm tone, serial number E806530. This proud piece of art boasts red, white, and blue leather trimmed in black. At first glance, any gazer will be left with the urge to get a closer look. Intricately burned into the leather surface of the body are stars and stripes and the letters U.S.A. - the ultimate symbols of the
loyal patriot. This guitar also displays the pick holder sewn right into the leather body... The most amazing part of this guitar is on the other side, the striking image of an American Eagle, done in the most painstaking of detail, hovering above a background of stars and stripes.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Best bet is a Photobucket account as detailed in te posting pics thread. (although somewhat out dated...it's even easier now!)

With the photos that you have, and the descn you just made, I would suggest the best way to sell the guitar is good old eBay.com

It won't take you very long to set up an eBay account and a Paypal one, if you don't already have them, and simply list it (perhaps with a reserve if you couldn't bear for it to go too low, but I find no reserve guitars sell higher). Include the 1988 USA Telecaster info in the title, to make sure of the search coming up for bidders. A USA-made Tele has value in itself and, as you suggest, the leatherwork will appeal to some performers. You only need two who want it enough to make the bidding respectable. As a seller, you can track how many ebayers place it in their "watch" list so, providing you have a few, hold your nerve. Bids stay low until the last hour and can go mental in the last two minutes.

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