gibson/emg85 questions again

Ok, I've been playing for several years but dont know much about this topic because I've never had this style gutiar before. With the pickups and rythem selector on an LP, im assuming that the rythym position is the neck PUP ( i tapped them to hear for a response) and the treble position is the bridge. I take it the bridge is the pick up closer towars the back of the guitar and teh neck pickup is the one towards the neck/headstock. Why is the neck pup labeled rythym? it seems to make more sense to play (for me at least) distorted/palm muting on the bridge pickup which is the treble. Anyway. with chanign my pickups, I was planning to put the emg85 in the bridge, on the treble selection i guess it would be. Any comments? this is where it should be if i want to use it as i main distortion right? and i guess for cleaner soudns id put something ncie liek a pearly gates up on teh neck pickup? haha i know its long but any help would be appreciated. thanks

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Rythym? i guess you play your jazzy Rythym chords on that selector in the style of Les Paul, and then the treble for the solo cutting sound, im only guessing, dont know aout the EMG but i have 2 Pearly Gates pickups on my Tokai 79' LP copy and they are very good, i have the zebra ones, to be honest ive not heard a bad word said about Seymour Duncan pickups, htey are top quality, also i think he does a fantastic job in describing exactly what they do and what you can expect from them, he doesnt try and sell a Seth Lover as a pickup that can do everything from Classical to Deathmetal, you can go to the SD website and listen to MP3 sound snippets too.
Pity Trevors not around anymore, he was a bit of an expert on EMG's.
Maybe someone else has some advice on them.

I'd use an EMG 81 on the neck and 85 on the rythem, but I'm a Zakk Wylde nut and that's what he has. But it sounds good, I like it.

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