Harmony acoustic model H6691

I found this old thread from the old site and thought I would give it a go.

Subject: Re: Harmony Guitar Model H6691
: When was this guitar made and give me any information about it. What is it worth in very good condition?

Hi, I have one of these also H6691 but I couldn't find any info on them at the sites recommended and have searched the net for more info. There is one on E-bay for sale model H6690 but that's all I found. Mine is dreadnaught and very well built, has beautiful tone, and is inlayed with Mother of Pearl around the edges, sound hole, fretboard, and string pegs. These guitars sound great but are hard to play. I've tried adjusting the truss rod but it's maxxed out. Lighter strings are in order. According to the Harmony site if it starts with 66 then most likely it was built in '66 or maybe early '67. If anyone has info on these Please post it!

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Hey Mach, I think I can tell you more than you currently know about your Harmony acoustic.

First, you guitar was built in the 1970's. I have a 1973 Harmony catalog and the highest model number is H6659 so your guitar most likely appeared in 1974-75.

The 66 in the model number doesn't refer to year. H6 stands for "Harmony 6 string" and 691 is the model number. Similarly, a number like H1269 is a Harmony 12 string model 69. This also works with basses "H4", Mandolins "H8", Banjos "H4 or H5" and Ukuleles "H4"

I've got some 1960's Harmony catalogs posted on my website VintAxe.com although I haven't uploaded the 73 yet. If you are interested in seeing it let me know and I'll put it up for you. Cheers, SB

Hey SB,

Thanks for the info. I had no idea when this guitar was built cause I can't find any other stamps besides the inside label that has the H6691 stamp. The only thing I found in my web searches was this old thread.

That would be great if you could post the catalog info even though it only goes to 6659, I would still like to see what some of those models look like. I have never ran across another Harmony that looks like mine so I'm wondering if it was custom built. Found it in a pawn shop years ago and it still sounds great.

Thanks again,


Hey Mach,

I've posted the 1973 Harmony catalog on VintAxe.com if you are still interested. SB

Wow I thought I had the only one in the world. I have been looking for quite some time for someone else who had a Harmony H6911. I bought mine a few years back from a friend of mine who does a lot of guitar buying and selling. Mine sounds like the one you describe. The guitar, unlike most of the Harmony acoustics I have seen, seems to be a really nice guitar. It sounds great and plays pretty easily. I do have light strings on it. There is lots of pearl inlay on the fret board, around the body, and around the sound hole. I still haven't been able to figure out what year it was made or how many of them there are out there, but evidently not many. The guy I bought it from was offered $900.00 for his I guess mainly because of the rarety of it. I have no idea what it is actually worth. I'd be interested to find out if you have ever gotten any more info on yours.


Hey, what's the difference between an a harmony model H6659 and a model 6659?

Model # H6691

My husband passed in 2018. He left me his Harmony. It is in amazing condition and his pride and joy. It also has the pearl inlay.
What does one run price wise so I can insure it. At some time in the future I want to pass it on to his daughter.
Please let me know more about this.
Louise Smith


The good news is the guitar is rare, and sounds really good, even with the laminate top. The bad news is it was a low-end/beginners guitar when produced. If you have the original 2-piece bridge on it, I'd probably insure it for up to $450 - if the bridge had been replaced, I'd go to $350. Most of the value to your daughter and yourself is that it was a family members guitar.

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