1979 Fender strat antigua hardtail (maple neck)

Could anyone tell me the value of my original 1979 fender strat hardtail (antigua finish) .
I'm told they are now collectable and that Fender are making re-issue models ?
It is in excellent condition and unplayed since 1985.

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Hi sparkykink,

I can tell you what the 2005 VG Price Guide says your guitar is worth. They say $1,300-$1,500 US. Of course, this price is based on retail sales in the US so I don't know how well this price generalizes to the UK market but it should give you some idea as to value. SB

US is cheaper when buying guitars, thats a fact, if it wasnt for the import duty and vat and shipping and handling charges then all the guitar shops would go out of buisness overnight, you can generaly (very broadly) convert $$'s to ££'s 1 for 1.
So if SB sticks a $1,500 price tag on that instrument then over here it would be £1,500. of course there are lots of variations, but from my browsing over the years for used instruments thats the general comparison ive come up with, i think with the antigua finish you are looking at a small market, im not putting your instrument down but i personaly think its the worst finish of the lot, but there must be a demand otherwise there would'nt be a reissue, and i think the reissue is Japanese too, so it would be a great player, but the first thing i would do is get the old electric belt sander out.

"Take out the belt sander"! Lee please. Let me guess, you've probably also ripped up your olive green shag carpet, thrown out your orange velour chairs and replaced your harvest gold appliances. Surely you know a time capsule when you see one. BTW, I'll take a burst over an antigua any day, but they do represent an era don't they? SB

It's just personal taste SB, just to give everyone a reminder of what we are talking about:

they just look like those toy guitars i used to see as a kid, maybe we should start a thread for the worst colours/finishes on a guitar?

Yeah, I know what you mean Lee. The wood lover in me thinks there is some pretty awful lumber under that creamy burst finish. Reminds me of the "antique" furniture finish I saw as a youth. The notion of reissueing this finish strikes me as demented; let's let the charm of the past stay in the past. SB

Thanks for the help fellas, although I really do think you should get out a little more often!
To get a life, simply switch off the computer, take a deep breath and go out into the big wide world.
Who knows, you may even like it?
Perhaps not.

Hello Sparky, nice of you to pop back in. Sorry if some people don't like the finish but, hey, you've just had a free valuation done for you before you stick it on Fleeb. Lee is a little busy buying and trying some new instruments he's bought (string-covered things, like you used to play until 1985) to "get a life".

Do check in for a survey when you're house-selling. Apols in advance if noticing the loose roof causes offence :roll:

Sorry if i caused offence, but we all take a bit of stick on here for our rogue buys..... dont we Bass? cough cough.. :lol: go on, please post up a picture of it again... pleeeeeeeze??

I LOVE the Antigua finish. I have one of last year's re-issue Antigua Strats, although the finish this time is much more greeny than the original Antigua.

I don't know why some people dislike it so. Personally I can't stand Sunburst finishes (boring) or black Strats with white scratchplates (yawn) so it's all down to personal taste!

i play better on a black strat...don't ask.


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