Ugliest Guitars of 2010

Yes - it's back - our famous Ugly Guitar awards.

To see a round up of some of the ugliest guitars from previous years - and to submit your own nominations go to The Ugliest Guitars are Back!

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Wow, are you serious who would play that???I mean honestly..

The ugly guitars polls on here never cease to amaze me - I would never play any of the guitars that have topped the list in any of the polls we've run over the last 5 years!

I forgot to mention - voting on the 10 finalists is now underway at:

have you seen dbz guitars? IMHO they make only ugly ones, I will try to find some pictures and paste here :)

guitarnick79 wrote:
have you seen dbz guitars? IMHO they make only ugly ones, I will try to find some pictures and paste here :)

Please do!

OK, it's a coupla years late, but, in homage to the thread originator, LeeUK, I had to put this one up:



It seems familiar, maybe the seller previously bought it off eBay. Apols for only eBay linking; I don't have a photo account so these images will die when fleeb takes them down. I particularly like the subtle wiring run from the pup to the pot with woodfiller surround:


I feel sorry for whoever gets that guitar/bass doubleneck for Christmas!

Older players (OK, me) might remember the rather offensive "Tokai is coming" advert. No, don't search for it - your hard drive will be of interest to The Squad for years. Imagine, though, if this brand new Musicvox Spaceranger used the same campaign - ouch :shock:

It's worth reading the auction for some hilarious hype about how you'll get noticed on stage. It doesn't tell you that you'd get much the same effect, cheaper, wearing those comedy breasts.

props to Talkbass website for flagging this in 2007, as a search just revealed. Thought I'd seen one before. Still ugly, though.

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