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Hi there, this is my first post on this forum :)

Anyone know how much I could get for my black electric Vantage DL450? Can't find any information on the net about it and really want to sell it. Paid about £300 ish (more I think) for it about 8 years ago.

It's in ok condition, got a couple of marks on it but has been well looked after.

Any advice appreciated before I list it on Ebay.


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If you paid £300 for it 8 years ago then i would'nt expect more than £150-£180 back on it, Vantage was one of those better than average entry level guitars, were they made in Korea? or am i getting mixed up with Vintage? anyway the best place for it is ebay and put a £150 reserve on it, make sure you give as much info on it as you can, and state where it is made.
Good luck.

Thanks Lee, I'll ebay it and take your advice on the reserve.


I think you may be, Lee (although I'm sure both Vantage and Vintage were made in Korea). The Vantage was slightly above entry level; say alongside the better Arias and middling Yamahas. The problem is, unfortunately, that many do see "Vantage" and think "Vintage". I used to get confused a ton myself.

One of the very few times I'd suggest that sort of reserve; you may not sell it, but at least it won't mistakenly go for £45. A Vantage liker will know what it is and, hopefully, bid accordingly.

How many times you seen a 'Vintage Gibson Les Paul' listed on ebay, then you click on it and see a sheep dressed as mutton in lambs clothing?
with a buy it now and get one free price? But of course im only joking, they probably make good starter guitars.

might be worth adding to the description, do you know where its made? bass says Korea, if so put that in, a lot of decent instruments are made in korea, i think the early Epiphones were made there and also dont Grestch have their only plant there? Korea would add to the value, It looks like a very nice guitar so why not more pictures?? people get very suspect about single shot pics, get some more on there too, and dont worry about showing dents and dings, most people dont care about a few scratches and chips but they like to see the neck joint, bolt on? set neck? wood type? take off a cover plate and look at the wood, if it's reddy brown then say it looks like Mahogany, take the truss rod cover off the headstock and look at the wood there, if its very pale whitish wood its probably maple, if its mahogany its well worth mentioning.
Good luck.

Good on you Lee, some very good advice to Karen. Still going to whoop you in the Ashes tour! :wink:

Thats what i like about the Aussies, eternal optimists, but i think we all know that the wind of change has drifted upon Englands great shores, we are now reaping the harvest of Cricket grass roots expeniture in the early-mid 90's, West Indies have nothing left, the tank ran empty in the late 90's, no young blood, they did'nt invest in the youth, and the same goes for the rest of the world, England can once again claim world dominance in the game of Cricket, Bring it on!! :lol:

Baton down the hatches..

It didn't sell :cry:

It got to £62 and my reserve was £99.99

Thanks for the advice (although I didn't see it until after the auction). I have decided to keep it for now and keep advertising locally like I have been doing on the local rock scene webpage.

If you know anyone who wants it, please do let me know!

However, for the time being, it looks pretty nice next to my purple Crafter electro-acoustic :D

Crafter, a much underated guitar, for the money i dont think there is an electro accoustic to beat it, not too keen on the colour though.. :lol:

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