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Just thought I'd let you all know that we've done a pretty good roundup of bass effects at:

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Man, I've wanted that Electro-Harmonix Bass Micro Synthesizer for ages, big money though :-(

All I've ever used gigging is the Boss LMB-3 Limiter Enhancer, basically in the role of a compressor.

Nice roundup. My 1st pedal was an Ibanez BP10 compressor, bought because my Hondo bass (ghost of LeeUK chuckling) had such terrible inequalities across the strings. Although I don't have that prob and no longer use it, I still have it (and some dreamer on FleeUS wants $125 for his). EDIT: actually $199, over £125

IIRC, it also did tremendous things to the attack and sustain. If you haven't mastered the changes from fingertip/thumpad/plectrum (it's 90% in the fingers, Youngwasp), then a good compressor can dial it in for you.

My own lust was always the Sansamp, although my peculiar and expensive alternative was to buy dozens of different valve amps and a Nobels splitter.

A good, cheap, standalone flange would be nice.

Blimey how 11 months can change an opinion!
I'm now in a Stoner/Doom band, picked up a Boss ODB-3 in Cash convertors for £'s the absolute preverbials! As is right and proper with stoner the drummer and I make up most of the sound with the guitar swirling in, out and around: Me, Christine and me ODB-3 can more than fill a room but you still get that lovely 'Punched in the chest' feel when I hammer it. Nice.

The stoner/doom continues but we kicked the lead guitarist so I currently have a huge pocket (musically, not financially sadly) Getting some seriously interesting vibes with a Boss PH-3 combined with the ODB-3: Flitting between drop-D rumblings and trippy psychedelic fills above the 12th fret (on the G, obviously!)

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