vintage Orlando Electric Guitars

I'm stumped. I've been looking online everywhere for more info about my guitar. It doesn't have a serial number anywhere on it. It's a steel string, acoustic electric Orlando brand. All I know is that it's from the 1970's. I'm not sure which year exactly. On the back it says "Steel reinforced kneck Made in Japan"
Does any one have anymore information about these Orlando guitars?

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I did a bit of research on Orlando Guitars a while back - most of them have a label on the inside of the sound hole which has the model number on it, do you have that?

As far as I know they were reasonably well made budget guitars.

The factory that made yours probably made many guitars with different labels on them - mostly they are copies of well known brands from the early 70s.

Depending on which model you have, and its condition, they sell second hand for around $50 to $300.

You can usually find a few on ebay if you search -

Wait a minute - I just saw your other post at

Take back what I said about the label under the sound hole - I thought you were talking about an electro-acoustic (admittedly that confused me a bit because I didn't know there were any under the Orlando label) - yours is either a hollowbody or semi-hollowbody guitar.

Maybe its value is at the higher end of what I suggested above if you fix it up - like reattaching the vibrato/whammy bar.

But if the intonation is out, or it doesn't stay in tune well, like happens with a lot of these kinds of 'knock off' guitars, then it will be worth a fair bit less.

the quality of sound on it, not so great. It does have a buzz on the 6th string. and you're right about the intonation. I also think that there needs to be some re-soldering done inside. I was just wondering the worth of a guitar like that as is. And I don't have the whammy bar. It's definitely a nice looking guitar. I sure wish it would sound as nice as it looks, otherwise I'd keep it for myself, but I was thinking about seeing how much I could get for a guitar like that and making a little extra cash.
Thanks for your help.

orlando guitar

MY dad had one of these when I was a little kid. It's the guitar I learned how to play on. Geez, what an incredible piece of shit. No tone, no action. One day I forgot about it and left it out in the rain. Best thing that could've happened to it.

Orlando telecaster

My cousin had one in the mid 70s and i remember that it was a high quality knock off and every bit as good as the real thing, I have been trying to buy one that was offered on craigslist but it was recently removed, I cant find one anywhere,

Green Orlando Hollowbody Electric

Anyone else have one of these?

Orlando guutar

I picked up a strange Orlando telecaster stratocaster mix. It has two lipstick type pickups.

Orlando gutar

I have an electric orlando tele style very cool. Send me a email ill send photos. Thanks. Mike [email protected]

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