Sunn Mustang - too late to stop me

OK, all you proper guitarists. By the time you read this, I'll have clicked on the BIN but I'd be interested in your ops all the same.

My sprog has been around the band and my playing for a while and fancies a go on an instrument. Thing is, being 7y.o, he's not into girls so he's opting for lead guitar as you lot never pull the chicks :) . Worse still, he's right-handed so, if the feckless youth packs in after a few weeks I end up with an upside-down guitar (I'm probably better on guitar that way - years of borrowing).

Anyhoo, I do take the point in Wasp's thread that one should start off on as good an instrument as poss (I wanted a Mustang for the shorter scale, but even Musicmasters are a bit pricey now), but sproggy has the attention span of a goldfish. So, I had to take a look at a Sunn Mustang (good nick) with a BIN of £40. This includes a gig bag, Dod Metal Maniac pedal and a couple of reasonable leads.

It's the later, Chinese one - not the 80s Indian variety and probably doesn't have the FMIC copyrighted headstock ('unfortunate' crop on the pic). Despite their woeful 2nd hand price, I read a lot of people who like them, particularly the neck. I can read through the average IQ and experience of a HC reviewer. There's even an old guitarsite thread in the archives.

If anybody has any particular ops and/or advice (I'm reasonably handy on setups. I gather the action is too low and the neck doesn't like thicker than 9s) please put them up here. Thanks

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Well, it's been picked off while I waited for an op and Lee, all you can manage is :roll: . Well, thanks :lol: . In all serious, though, I'm not going to blat £300 upwards on a kid who might sink me with a git I can't use. Putting snobbiness aside, has anyone tried out one of the cheaper ends and thought "actually, that's not a bad guitar"? I've got a severe dislike of ply bodies, which is why I stayed off the Sunn (couldn't be sure - Squier was flirting with ply at that time).

Ply?? more like hardboard or handy andy's favourite MDF.
Ive not tried one, so i cant comment, but i will say this, i have seen them in music shops within easy reach of the great unwashed, and they are the only guitars not to sport the obligitory 'Please dont pick up' cards.
I cant say ive ever had the desire to play one, im not a great Fender fan either (not that these have much to do with Fender).
But i will ALSO say this, in the Mustangs defence, when you plug them in they do kinda give a note....sometimes. :lol:

Well, I have now bought one for Jr. £46, local collect. You're right, Lee, it sounds NOTHING like a Strat, especially on the "bridge only" select. HST, it's very playable with a decent action and a nice neck. Some of the parts (tuners and pot-knobs) really are funny, though. Maybe I have a thing for yellowed, glossy maple, but I still think it's a nicer start than the current Indonesian Squier. We've made a start on gorillaz' "Feel Good Inc" riff. If he keeps it up, then I'll get him an improvement.

Much of what i said was in jest, sounds like a great guitar for £46.

If I took offence, Lee, we'd never have made this # of posts without open warfare :D . Glad you did chop in; that previous sale was swaying me with a 'free' Dod pedal that, from reading another thread, is a POS anyway.

These Sunns come up all the time so I waited for an earlier one with a proper headstock, and local. An unexpected bonus was that it was in the hands of a guitar teacher (probably a student trading up that he was offloading) so it was decently setup. Action, intonation etc all very nice (which, with a 6-string, is something less to bother me about). At this price level, no postage and a setup is worth having.

Must say, it's playing through the WEM Dominator III (all Mullards). OK, I'm sniffing at the cork of the Bollinger '28, but that thing makes even the Hondo bass sound acceptable (can't stop it playing like perphooey, though). The SunnStrat has one useless selector position and a vol knob that'll fall off if you sneeze but that's OK for under £50. So far, he's plugged in and switched on 3 times in 2 days (good sign). His 'song' is a bit... Stockhausen? but that's seven-year-olds. Shut all doors! :D

How about posting up a picture of it? i bet its red with a white scratch plate.

Confound you, Lee :D . I've seen them black, white, etc, but you know my 'other' s/n and could do a little legwork before posting a smartarse response. Or am I being Waspish and crediting you too much?

:lol: i just got the Hank Marvin Vibe thing, i could see the bright red paintwork and white scratchplate, is that real indian rosewood on the fretboard? or are all the woods/laminates used 'of unknown local origin' :lol:
it does look the part though, and i expect it does exactly what it says on the tin.

The fretboard does look like Indian rosewood. TBH, I don't have a very high opinion of the stuff. Not very interesting grain, very 'dry' and open pored. Nowhere near as nice as Brazilian rosewood, as used on earlier guitars. This one's a candidate for a bit of lemon oil. That "whiteness" you can see on the 1st fret is not a flash or other camera effect; it's really that dry.

The body cavities have been thoroughly sprayed, but I think it's ply (or else really badly machine-routed alder). If it had been alder or even poplar, I'd have been ecstatic for this price. Ply was what I was realistically expecting. It just shows, though; guitars like "Shine" and Stagg are easily under £100 (better still, Rondo's "SX" guitars under $100) and have a much better body wood. I like that '70s/'80s glossy neck, though - and Fender's headstock trademarking has since muddied the clone waters.

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