a few questions on P-90's

ok, i got an epi 56 re-issue gold top with p-90's. somone off here told me to test to see if the magnets are all working ok put a screw driver up to them and see if they pop. i did that and they all worked but a few of the magnets were more strong then the others???? is that o.k.? also on them there are two little screws in between the magnets. is that to take the pickup out? i tried turning them to raise up the pickup and it didnt move, just the screw came out. and when i put the screw driver up to the magnets i did it probably three times to each magnet. could i have de-magnatized it a little at all? and one more thing, are emg passive p-90's good?

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also my guitar is a 1999. should i be worried about the pickups wearing out?

GG The magnets wont wear out, the only adjustment you should be doing on the P90's is the 2 screws on the side to raise the pickup toward the strings, you should genrally have the neck pickup a little lower than the bridge, something to do with the way the string resonates around the neck more than around the bridge.

i tried to raise it and it doesnt move, the screw just comes out

oh, mine dont have the screws and the side, they have the two little one in the middle between the magnets. i unscrewed those. those are to keep the pickup in place right? because i took those right out to take the pickup out and now im afraid i might have screwed up my pickup :(

the screws i circled, those are to mount the pickup right?

i have a P90 Kent Armstrong and those screws on mine holds on the pickup cover to the back plate, adjustment on mine was difficult, i had to take off the scratchplate and adjust it up from the underside, it depends how its mounted, mine has a metal strip which you can bend upwards and down, some have 2 screws either side of the pickup, they also screw the pickup to the body, those screws you took out should just go straight back in, i dont hink you have damaged it.

mine has just two pieces of sponge on the bottom of the pickup. so i havnt damaged them?

I think it's unlikey you have damaged them, how do your pups fix to the body of the guitar? a bracket and 2 screws??

they screw right into the bottom the body buy those two little screws i circled in that picture

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