Someone just GAVE me a Set of EMG pickups!!!

one EMG 85 Humbucker ( I like the sound better than the 81's) and 2 "singles" he said they were from an old BC Rich that he "threw away." They are white though :( Painting them wont screw up the sound will it? I also need some good links to Wire them up. He only had the pickups so I have to get the POTS? The Sterio Jack (i think) of Course a 9v clip, and??? I still want to be able to use my Newly Purchased Screamon Deamon pickup in the neck possition so I need a "phase inverter" and something else but I foget?? Switch the Polarity? Flip a magnet maybe? Any help would be appreciated :)
Thanks Mates

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Cant you replace the covers on the EMG's? have you looked at

I don't think so, they all look to be One piece all sealed together. I know when you order them, you order the color you want, I don't think that they can be changed without the chance of screwing them up... maybe if there was just a thin COVER available... was always my first port of call (some months ago now). I believe Thrasher's right - these are sealed epoxy jobbies all over. Painting the covers causes no harm to anything other than the eyeballs, AFAIK.

Active EMGs use 50k pots to best effect. Standard 250/500k pots are not what they're designed for. The later EMGs are harnessed up, which simplifies things. If yours are just "red wire, white wire" pups, it's still not too difficult. A heap of active EMGs might benefit from 18V, two batteries hookup. If the above site (or is no help, then post again. EMG eq knobules are very handy, also - they have such small PCBs that they tend to fit in their replacement slot with no bother.

ps, the purpose of the stereo jack is so that, once you pull out the mono lead, the circuit is killed and the battery in the guitar isn't draining away unnecessarily.

you said u liked the soudn of teh 85 better than the come? I want to buy either of those along with an emg 60 and i cant decide haha.

The 85 has a fatter tone. The Low end has a lot more depth and the high end doesn't sond so damn tinny. Don't get me wrong the 81's sound good too, but when you do a back to back sound-off the 85 winds hands down IMHO My wife thinks so too :) The SE's he gave me sound pretty good too.
You can run 9v EMG Actves on 18v? I know Seymour Duncan has 18v Active pickups. Oh I don't need a phase inverter to use passive Seymour Duncan pickups, just the active ones. It's just a littl emore tricky to wire Active and Passive pickups in the same guitar...

AFAIK, 18v increases the headroom but I'm thinking more of active eq rather than pickups. Should be good for both. I wanted to check this out but EMG's site seems to be down.

1bassleft wrote:
AFAIK, 18v increases the headroom but I'm thinking more of active eq rather than pickups. Should be good for both. I wanted to check this out but EMG's site seems to be down.

Site down?? at 3am in the morning im not suprised!!

I got them working. Well Kind of. The pickups work, I have the 85 and the single up and running, along with my Passive Screamin Deamon HB in the Neck possition now. I am running 18v in the guitar and it works just fine. I couldn't find 25k Ohm pots, so I used 10k ohm pots they work, But I should probably switch out to 25's eventually, The only problem I'm having is my tone pot does nothing, It's hooked up and everythng but it doesn't change to tone at all :(

S'funny, i would've thought 25k and 50k were way easier to get than 10k pots. I have some dunkmore semen active pups that supposedly require 100k, and I was wondering whether to go 50k or 250k as I've never seen 100k.

If there is one pot that won't like an "it'll do", it's the tone pot. The capacitor across it affects the frequency of the cut, and the value of the pot affects the range. It might be that 10k is so tight it just has no effect. It is also very difficult to balance up the requirements of the EMGs with the Screamin', which (I presume) would normally have a 500k. My first thought would be to compromise with a 250k, but the EMG site mentioned something about this IIRC. Anyone found a working link yet?

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