as if. :lol:

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I did a real " :? :? " on this one, until I saw your new legend and 500+ tally. Congrats, Lee although, not for the first time, I'm in complete agreement with you. You're just mediocre :lol: :lol:

Bass :P


Good stuff Lee.

Most High Mike,

I'm a little way off yet, but any chance of a consideration to the 500+ "one-string-at-a-time" player? I'm hardly "Thumb slappin' topbloke", but "Lead Virtuoso" would have JP McEnroe spluttering his coffee, never mind JM Hendrix spinning in his grave...

Maybe I should've tried harder for that "2000th post" prize :P

You two are our best posters, playing you off to see who can get the highest post count :P

Maybe we need to discuss a certain magic number where you're eligible for picking your own slogan.

"Best" - or "Most under-employed"? :) I make a living(?) out of making people confuse quantity and quality. In the words of De La Soul, "Three, is the magic number" but we're well past that. Tell you what; if I get "Lead Virtuoso" in a few week's time, I'll post up a .wav or something of me, playing a Sunn Mustang, upside-down. Let the members decide on a more suitable legend for my sign-name! (No profanities allowed!) :lol:

Film it and you can end up on all the blogs like Michael Angelo Batio has at the moment :)

He's the latest sensation to sweep the nation.

:lol: Arf :lol: . I don't have the hair. Nor the ability. Give the muppet-head his due; he can play wrong-hand, upside down rather well. My own upside-down guitar playing... let's just say it was more of a threat than a promise :shock: Equality for bass-posters, or hear the consequences :D


We usually don't negotiate, but in this case :D

:D I've got a horrible feeling I've given you carte blanche to call me "one string plonker"

Ouch, must refine my negotiating skills...

1bassleft wrote:
:lol: Arf :lol: . I don't have the hair. Nor the ability. Give the muppet-head his due; he can play wrong-hand, upside down rather well. :D

You could have the hair, it's currently on 1/2 price sale at 'Selfridges' oxford st. London for £29.99, if you buy 2 you get a free set of side burns, just go to the hair care counter and ask for the 'Chris Waddle Mullet' :lol: :lol:

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