Check out my pedalboards!

I'm gonna cover some with Tolex in a few days..gonna be very cool. Here's a link if ya wanna' check it out!

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Nice line, Steve. I think the Tweed and Tolex will be good alternatives to the carpet cover. Out of interest, does the riser work for people in practice? I'm wondering if inadvertantly activating/adjusting the lower pedals can occur. Or even (for those with a "Keef" lifestyle) if falling backwards happens. An overhead view pic might be a nice addition to your site, to see how it works. Good luck with the biz.

There's really a pretty good clerance from the front row to the 2nd row.
The setup has been road test by a lot of players and the layout works real well. I'm building a new model that has a slanted pedalboard surface, 2 rows, no riser, but with a hidden storage under for power 'n cable, etc.. It will still be the all in one case/ pedalboard, BUT covered in TOLEX to match any amp look. Matching amps and pedalboards!!! I can't wait to get my new coverings delivered. I'm thinkin' I may use the Vintage Tweed First. Whatever anybody wants is what I'll probably end up makin'


I like the idea of the slanted front better. Like I said; nice line, good luck.

ya know...I like the slanted pedalboard surface also. There it is, right in your face, and a really slick led style mini light for those low light stages to make adjustments on the fly
Ok, Ok, Ok!!! ya talked me into it. I'm gonna go to my secret lab and build an all in one combo slanted pedalboard/roadcase and cover it with tolex, create a smart storage area for power and runnin' cables where they need to go...uuuhhh if this was your project, what cover would you use?????? I think it would be nice if the board matched the amp.

Question???dimensions of the board surface?

Man..I love gettin' input from players..thanks


Stevie, I think you'd get a lot of ideas from this forum:
I've linked the "FX" category, but the site is all about vintage tube amps.

My own guess is that your best target market is Marshall-type Tolex, to begin with. Tweedy Fender owners tend to have only one or two pedals, and the metallistics favour the multi/modelling/digibox (I know, this is a sweeping generalization - but that's marketing for ya :wink: ). The man with a stack probably has, or wants, a collection of various peds. Dunlop, Muff, Rats etc. I've seen some proud collections on the above site stuck to some pretty hideous planks.

If I may advise, I'd suggest you avoid an instant hard-sell. They'd maybe dislike a newbie trying an instant flog. If you went down the "I make pedalboards... here's what I do... I'm looking to make amp-matching designs... whaddaya think... what pedals should I look to accommodate..." route, you'll more likely get useful ops and (hopefully) some approaches to buy. I'd be interested to find out if my "I want one to match my JMP + 4x12" hunch turns out correct. Let me know :)

you are wise


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