Suspicious Strat on eBay

Is it my imagination or do those decals on the headstock look like obviously applied transfers? See the way the light reflects around the top edges near the D and R of Fender, the end of the name STRATOCASTER and all around the Original Contour Body legend.

Yeah, I know that a real Fender would have transfers applied, but I'd hope they wouldn't look as obvious as this.

A forgery or not?

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The auction's been pulled, glw. It certainly looked like an American Vintage re-issue except, as you spotted, really hideous decals. Even these looked like the proper re-issue (fake original '57s are subtly different) but the application looked wrong. What was that stuff on the "ask seller a Q"? He said "all Fender Logos were applied on top of the lacquer until 1968" - which is a new one on me.

I don't know for sure; it could be a replaced, no-name neck or a legit setup. I think I'd have declined to bid, though. Any more dodgy looking auctions, people? Always worth posting here.

Looks like a nice guitar to me, the decal does look a bit odd, but the neck certainly looks quality Fender, it has that glassy laquered look to it.

I thought it looked a really nice guitar and might have considered bidding but when I saw those decals alarm bells rang in my head.

maybe it used to be a 'Crafted in Japan' but 'Re-grafted in Chigwell' neck!

I've got some decals if y'all need any :lol:


If completely legit, this was a US re-issue, not CIJ. Totally bizarre coincidence: remember I mentioned the original '50s logo and the re-issue being slighty different? FWIW, the original is more angular on the "e" and the cross-bar of the "F".

Never mind that, though. My sproggy had an old "Tom and Jerry" cartoon on satellite TV. Look closely at the credits, next time you see an old T+J. Now I know where Leo got the "Spaghetti" typeface from. It's identical, especially the squiggly "e".

Another useless piece of info brought to you by 1BL... :)

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