Fender Or Gibson?

Decisions decisions.

Fender of Gibson?

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Silly question!

Both of course! Plus whatever other guitars take your fancy. Personally I've got a soft spot for Danelectros.

lol, alright. I have a thing for gibsons.

Yeah, I went through a phase of hating Fenders and I was a real Gibson fan, but now I love Strats again.

I suppose I'm just fickle like that!

Danelectros?? Hardboard and Cardboard?? Page used to use one but that was so much customised it barely resembled a Dano, as for the Gibson Fender choice it's very personal, but i can think of 8 great Gibson models, but only 2 great Fenders (6 String electric) plus Gibson make fantastic accoustics and fender really need'nt bother.
(Batten down the hatches..incoming.)

Nah, Danos are fab! They may be made from crap but they sound - and play - great. The resonance due to the "unusual" construction method allied to those lipstick pickups give them a very distinctive sound. Also, they are a lot sturdier than people think.

Gibson may well have prodcued a whole series of legendary electric guitars against the mere two Fenders that you mention (which two out of interest?), but on the whole Fenders are and have always been a lot more affordable. You're not really comparing like with like.

I was thinking of the Strat and Telecaster, I did'nt realy think about the cost implications, just a comparison between the 2 makers, i like rock so the Gibsons offer me Humbuckers with set neck and solid body with stop tail peice sustain (mainly thinking about the Les Paul and SG), Fenders have always seemed to be in the Blues/Pop/Country box. i have a couple of Strats and a Tele (all japanese) and they play great, sound real nice and look real good too, but when it comes around to gigging time, it's the SG or Les paul every time.

Which is all very well until you want a Strat sound.

I have payed both and both are nice guitars ,I own a 2003 fender tele myself ,what I suggest is you go in and play both guitars and decide that way it's alot of money so make sure you like what your getting and it feels right in your hands.


a White Falcon, Nashville or a Duo jet will kick ANY strat, tele, SG or LP in the arse

Yeah, Gretschs are sure nice guitars, although they do have their own quite distinctive sound so I wouldn't see them as competing as such with Gibsons and Fenders. Each guitar holds its own in its own category.

Same applies with Rickenbackers before someone says it.

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