40W v. 80W tube amp

I'm buying an amp and have it down to two. 1) a 40W 1x12 tube combo 2) 80W 2x12 tube combo
I'm in an amateur band playing mostly small to medium sized venues about 3 times a month. Blues and some Classic Rock

Would it be too much on the 40W? Would the 80W be too much?


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i had an AC30 33watt twin speaker, i played small to medium size venues and i could have done with a bit more headroom on the clean side, with a 40watt amp you could play those venues, but i'd say go with the 80watt for the clean, especialy in a rock band.
just out of interest, what models of amp are they? Ashdown?

I go with Lee, but there are a lot of variables. Small-medium in the UK means 100-200 people - is this the same for you? Does the audience only hear your amp,with no PA micing? Remember, an 80W amp is not "twice" as loud as a 40W amp. The ear doesn't work like that. But an 80W amp won't have to "work" so hard, esp with another 12" shifting a bit more air.

If you like a bit of 'crunch' for your style, the 40W (maybe + extension cab) may be what you want. OTOH, the 80W with a good pedal could do it for you. As Lee says, more info on the brands you're looking at would help, as would the likely gigging.

Thanks fellas.
The amps I'm looking at are by Traynor, YCV40WR or the YCV80. Small to medium venues for us are generally the same, 100-200ppl. I had the same thought about adding a cab latter if I need to grow a bit, but have read some reviews saying that the YCV40 is really stressed when you add another 12" Celetion. Not sure if that's true or not since I haven't found a music store having both at the same time for me to try.
Since I don't primarily play lead, I'm thinking the 40W 1x12 will work fine. I can always mic it if need be. Thoughts?

40 watt would definatly do it, if you need more volume then like 1bassleft said you can always go through the PA, good thing about lower wattage combos is you can realy cook the valves, before we go on stage my amp would be warming up on standby for a good hour, when we get on stage and start playing the valves just sound better and better, one bit of advice, when you finnish your set switch your amp off and try to leave it undisturbed for 20 mins, give it time to cool down, you could run the risk of damaging your preamp and output valves.

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