Hey... Look at ME... I'm a Groupie!

i see they've got new rankings on the forum now.... and i'm only a groupie.... does anyone know what it takes to get to the next level?

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i went straight in at level 2!! i wont say what i had to do for the 2 moderators though.
seriously, i think its the amount of posts. whats level 5? rock god?

Logged in to find I've dodged past the security guy to get in the dressing room, too :) I'd suppose 50 posts, 100 posts, 500 etc are the staging posts for changing the legends.

TBH, if I were moderator, I'd stick with the 'groupie' theme:
50 posts = fellated drummer
100 posts = took bassist "up rang 'un"
500 posts = shagged guitarist
1000 posts = married singer
5000 posts = persuaded Puff Daddy to launch my music/acting career despite lack of any discernible talent.

Now you know why I don't make moderator :P

:lol: if only the last one fit the character limit

Michael wrote:
:lol: if only the last one fit the character limit

you sayin' it's out of character for this forum? :D

What Michael means is; no matter how you type it, it still doesn't fit:

5000 posts = "Pay no attention to the rocks, I'm still Jenny from the blocks"

:roll: Yeah, right :roll:

See? It doesn't fit in that little squarea for the messagemen. But "5000 = JLo" might just be libel. So, only I said it, and the opinion expressed does not necessarily reflect those of guitarsite.com etc etc.

Yeesh. Hosting a forum would be so much more fun if there weren't so many out of work lawyers. :twisted:

Just as 1bass said :)

And no.. def not out of character :)

I noticed this site upped me from "groupie" to "got rhythm" after my 44th posting. Are the moderators on 4/4 time? Typical bluesmen... :wink:

Being a top swot was always going to pay off, congrats on the OBE, welcome to the club, welcome pack is in the post! :D

and congrats to yourself on the upgrade, Lee. Jammin' hot, so that's the next one...

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