Ashamed of your country?

Just an idea from another thread. This is a pretty international forum, so I wondered what artiste really makes you wish you were born somewhere else. Have a think (and try to stick to globally knowns). For every great country, there's a John Mellenkamp.

Me? I had a bad time when a friend in Chicago said "Wow! You're from the same country as Phil Collins! Isn't that great?" Er,...

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I can think of plenty of actor relations to Australia that make me cringe but I'm having a hard time with bands at the moment. I'll edit this when one comes to mind.

EDIT: It was staring me in the face but I didn't see it until 1BL mentioned him to me - PETER ANDRE

The original question said what artiste ... therefore your answer doesn't qualify.

Too many to mention...

Did Michael Winner ever produce a record? dont even know where he was born, i think he can go down as the 'Global' nominee.

I have to disagree, every morning when I wake up to my (at the moment) crappy little little existence, I think...well, at least I woke up with Phil Collins...

Is that swearing in the USA or even Surrey etc? Sorry if it is,


Blimey, I did wonder what Phil Collins was doing for duvet-sharing since Mrs Collins ran off with the painter-and-decorator :shock: .

ps, another forum I typed in on had such a thing that even the Japanese valve/tube manufacturer "Matsushita" came out as "Matsu****a" and "Scunthorpe" became "S****horpe" but "crappy" just sailed through. Can't be a word that has the mid-West reaching for the 2nd constitution, I suppose. Like "shag" - and I must must pop that up on the other "crack up lyrics" thread.

Well, as you should know, its good to keep nice and tight with the drummer.

I've got a rating!!! I've posted enough to get a rating!!! that never happens to me on forums I always get bored and forget to go back. this must be particularly exciting...

Trevor Horn, that dipstick from 'Buggles' and the cringer of a single 'Video killed the radio star' the worst song, the worst name for a band, the worst video for a song, the worst looking front man ever, the worst pair of glasses ive ever seen, Reg Holdsworth specials, Surely Trev is something to really cringe about, i would like to appologise to the world for the Buggles brief and painfull chart success. :x

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