CRATE amp buzzing..HELP!

i own a crate gx900H head and a crate cab.

for some reason even at low volumes the amp buzzes and its even worse with high gain, im 99.9% positive its not my guitars because i have 4, and they all do the exact same thing when plugged into it..

is this common and how do i fix it?!


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I don't know this amp personally, but you do get that from solid-state amps emulating "tube gain". A bit of a hiss on clean, turning to an almighty background noise on the gain channel. From your desc, this sounds like what you have. If you don't have one, can you borrow or try out a noise limiter/gate?

If you can, try one out; maybe inline or using the FX loop. It's about all I can think of but, if it works, it'll solve it. What are the amps output sockets? Is there a preamp out? Connecting the limiter between "preamp out" and "EFX in" may work best, if that's an option.

if you are playing at volume in a living space then it could be something in the room buzzing, ive had this with a voxAC30, spend 3 hours tightening up nuts, screws bolts, swapping speakers and the took the whole lot in the garden to find out i had a buzz free amp, it was something in the room making noise, its very difficult to pinpoint.

Good point, Lee. A ground-loop-hum. I was driven barking by this happening at my school when doing a film show. Don't ask me why, but using a common/garden extension socket eliminated the hum.

Well worth trying. Just dig out a four-gang or whatever, and plug your amp into that, then into the mains. I don't know enough about why it works, but it often does.

i had a squire 10 watt laying around since the early days and when i played it a few months back discovered that when it buzzes, touching a metal corner on the amp would stop it buzzing, but it was a squire, so anything can happen :)

sounds like a bad earth on that amp next_2_nothing, be very careful with it.

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