Distorsion Factory 7

I've read in this magazine ( Ultimate Guitar ) about this distortion pedal. Its rated as "best buy".. I would like to hear your opinions on it. Is it really best buy option or... ?

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Never heard of it. Who's it made by?

Ive not heard of it either, is it Digitech?

"Distortion Factory 7" rather than "Distorsion" and lee is correct.


oops sorry about the typo :P
anyway.. opinions ? anyone played on it or something ?

Who knows? There are so many distortion and overdrive devices these days, and to my ears they are all much of a muchness. I don't know what others think, but I really can't get any enthusiasm for such products any more.

Last time I wanted to buy an overdrive device, I took my guitar to my local music shop (it's importatnt to take your iown guitar) and I auditioned a whole bunch of pedals. The shop didn't mind - they made a sale in the end.

I saw ya rant the other day on fuzz boxes GL :lol:

SeYo, here's a couple of web reviews you may or may not have seen:


customer reviews...


Well, I had a listen to the samples on the Digitech site you flagged up, Mike. Coupla problems; Mrs Bass sets the vol to "window bulger" when she's here but, even though I'd trawled it right back, she still woke up and told me to cut it out.

Anyhoo, what's the price on this thing? I will admit it's versatile, but I couldn't give it my own 10/10. The emulations are not foot-switchable, so that's a drag for live work. If used for recording, what's the point of it being a stomp pedal? I don't see what market it's set for.

The TS9 patch sounds a bit thin and unconvincing as a 'blues' valve sound and the Muff sounds like a bluebottle trapped in a jam-jar. So, that's two accurate replicas of unuseable, overpriced FX, then :shock: :) .

The others I generally liked, especially the Rat. Not a bad pedal for the metal-end player who's nifty with barefoot knob-twiddling. If it's over $100, I couldn't see much point if your guitar and amp are decent in the first place. HST, not a bad pedal and I wouldn't kick it out of my gig-bag.

Hey, why don't you get this Audiotech Wicked Metal pedal.

It has skull knobs on it labelled Torture, Resurrect and Scream.

That's gotta be more metal than anything! Hasn't it?


Looks like a pansy grey, why didnt they paint the main part of the pedal Blood Red? Midnight Black? but grey? umm..

glw, that one cracked me up :lol: . I bet it sounds magnificent (not), but that pic just stopped me dead from checking. Skull knobs, gothic script, silly legends... is it supplied with forceps for handling? :lol:

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