The Ashes

Way Way Wayyyyy off topic, and sorry to everyone who does not live in UK or Australia/New Zealand because you wont know what Cricket is but just to say well done England on winning back the Ashes in a enthraling 5 Test series of which England won 2, Australia won 1 and 2 were drawn, if you have any messages of congratulations you can post them here...
Michael?? :lol:

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The poms win one sporting event in 20 years and they hold on tight and never let it go :)

Apart from dingy pub darts and snooker what else have yas won :P

Edit: just to further illustrate their obsession, here's a screenshot of BBC devoting aproximately 3/4s of their front page to it.

I was going to be low-key but "Rugby World Cup" entered my head :P

A cracking series; just a pity that man of the match was "bad light". Still, it was England's performance over the previous tests that won it. Wouldn't mind cloning Shane's DNA, though. Might even carry it myself to make sure of English citizenship :)

To Lee and 1Bass,

Consider the UK congratulated, without any smartarse comments or sour grapes from me.

But don't push it or i'll print out all your posts, burn them, put them in an urn, make it a prize for a posting competition, and to top it all off when someone wins I won't even let them take the prize home!


Michael wrote:
The poms win one sporting event in 20 years and they hold on tight and never let it go :)

Apart from dingy pub darts and snooker what else have yas won :P

We did really well at the curling in the last Olympics (or was that the one before? Sorry, I don't do sport).

I've never seen anyone own up to doing well at curling :D

I think it was the last Winter one.

That'll be the Winter Olympics and proof (if needed), that you can't beat middle-aged Scottish women when it comes to having your floor brushed.

Atchly Jason, that offer to burn all my posts seems really attractive right now... :)

I promise i wont say another word on it, im sure the excitment in the UK will dwindle in time, just like it did with the Rugby World Cup (within 20 yrs) and im sure we will be beating you at that funny handball/football game you play, whats it called? ozzy rules footy or something?? anyway i think our players werent gloating like they could have, i think both teams had a lot of respect for eachother, and were closely matched, which is why i was glued to it for 5 weeks, look forward to the next one michael/Jason, Shane Warne was amazing over the 5 tests and i honestly thought he was going to make all the difference on the last day, but his batting in the first innings let you down, but what a great game..

ps, did you see the 'celebrations'? Flintoff as sober as a newt, in fact the whole team unable to maintain the 'focus' on a camera; never mind a bowler.

Aah, it brings me back to the good ol' days - when a celebration was just that. Nowadays, even the footballers hold the Champions Cup aloft and drink mineral-water-based energy drinks. To me, that's just not celebrating.

Highpoint was Tony Blair (never misses a trick) inviting them to 10 Downing Street and they all piled out of the bus pi-eyed and belching. Poor TB wondering which of the reprobates he could knight and get some votes out of it. He's suddenly given Duncan Fletcher a passport. Arise Sir Dunc, next year?

They were so 'happy' im suprised they made it up the stairs of the bus, someone came out of the hotel swinging a jug of Beer and getting on the bus with it, now thats celebrating, all the wives looked imaculate though, they are thinking of the photo's 20 yrs from now..

Hoping for a new TV-Drama; "Cricketer's Wives".

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