Just watched the video clip of the dyens piece. WOW!
All played from memory too. For her age, she’s quite smooth and rapid like bullets.
And boy look at that repertoire at the bottom of the page. All those virtuoso pieces performed at 8 or 9 years of age.
By the way, have you heard stepan rak playing balalaika? This piece is a monster in technical tricks.
From all of us in western Australia, ALBERTA KHOURY you rock. :D


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Hey. im new round here, but im curious. I know its an old thread, but im curious for info.

About alberta, all im gonna say, is that even a 4yr old can learn how to touchtype, given enough practice. Just look at all the kids that play on their gameboys. The same principle works with instruments. As someone whos seen her play far too many times, its not as impressive as it looks. Im just really annoyed at her parents for stuffing around with her childhood like that, and for making her become so stuck up.

But anyway, finishing my bitching. What i wanted to know is, does anybody know when this site popped up?

Kate, Welcome aboard.

I don't want to sound bitchy about prodigies myself, but I remember some regional TV news feature about an 11 y.o. from (I think... it certainly makes it funnier) the Wolverhampton area that I saw in the late '70s. Much shredding, bad hair, and grown men with moustaches and sideburns 'freaking out' to those dive-bombing licks.

What happened to him? I don't know. He probably stacks shelves in Asda/Wal-Mart but the newsclip did resurface twenty years later, in a mickey-taking comedy show. As you said, speed-typing at 10 doesn't make you a JK Rowling.

Oh, and the other part of your Q...

Master-mod Mike will hopefully fill you in. Guitarsite has been going a long time, but the new, uber-friendly version is more recent. I joined in Feb, fresh as a daisy. Lee has a slightly, but not much, older sign-in, but he actually used to post to Guitarsite in the days when a good stock of pigeons were needed.

Mike and/or Lee will give you a more thorough history lesson.

looking back on the old forum posts, it looks as if the forum was launched on 08-nov-1999 , i have been regularly posting since March 2004, i think those dates are correct but mike has access to all the 'top secret data' and we can talk about anything on here, but dont mention 'YoungWasp' it brings most people out in a cold sweat. :lol:

Top of my head reply, '99. As the other guys have told you, the newer version of the forum has only been up for close to a year.

"The other guys" :?: :shock: :?: :roll:

Honestly Mike, what's that phrase? "Familiarity breeds contempt"? After all we've done for you.... Sobbing...

I'll make it up to you, I promise :wink: :wink:

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