Nut problem on Flying V

I've got this problem on my Flying V - the low E keeps falling off! It just pops out of the nut. I suppose it's the awkward angle from the nut to the tuner on the arrow-shaped headstock that is to blame.

Any ideas as to how I can fix this? I don't fancy cutting a new nut - it might look easy but I'm sure it isn't.

Or should I just put a dab of glue - Araldite or something - on the edge of the nut to encourage the string to stay in its slot.

It's a Gibson Faded Cherry Flying V, by the way. One of the "cheaper" models that they came out with a year or two ago.

I can't say I'm that impressed with Gibson's attention to detail. The guitar was very badly set-up when I first got it, and I had to do quite a bit of work to get it to be playable. This was a new guitar for crying out loud! And now I've got this low E string problem. Is this something other Flying V players have experienced, I wonder?

Compare this to the Fender Stratocaster Antigua Japanese re-issue I bought late last year. It was brand new and played perfectly straight out of the box. Full marks to Fender, nil to Gibson.

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is the string too big for the slot in the nut? if it's the angle of the string from the tuner to the nut then how aboutmaking sure the string finnishes off in the bottom most part of the tuning peg? keeping it as low as possible to the headstock, i would try a differnet set of strings, maybe lighter ones, i agree with you, replacing the nut is a real pain, and looks simple but is difficult to get right first time.

Well, I thought the string was the right size for the nut slot, and that it had been wound onto the machine head properly.

I might take it into my local music store and ask their opinion.

yeah but try winding it so the string is at the bottom of the tuning peg nearer the headstock, this will have the effect of 'clamping' it down to the nut.

I believe that that is the case, but I'll check again tonight.

Right, at last, I've taken the guitar into my local guitar shop and the owner is going to re-cut the net for me and give it a set-up. I think it was just badly finished and set-up by Gibson to begin with. Shame on them!

glw, did you try the old 'Beer mat' stuffed in the nut trick? as discribed on that de-fretted Mustang short scale bass? :lol:

Damn, I didn't think of that.

Thats one of 1bassleft's '1,000 top Bass tips' now available in paperback, dont think it will out sell his earlier Autobiography 'Murder on the Grass court' though.. :lol:

Hey Lee, that wasn't my Mustang, anymore than it's your MTV lash-up. Just pointing out a funny'un. Anyhoo, I lost on indoor carpet - probably my worst surface :lol:


I've got the guitar back from the shop and they've fixed it nicely.

I can actually play my V now again at last! Hurrah!

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