Another potential Fleeb scam

I'm looking into this one:

and I'll report back (I've asked for extra pics). The usual worries; the seller has a zero rating (since 2003!!!) and an outrageous £20 postage. This is the Selmer Little Giant and the photo, I am absolutely certain, is a library shot. It might be from Tim Fletcher and Steve Russel's excellent Selmer site. The little thing is not much bigger than a vintage radio, so the postage price is a joke. It just looks too good (OK, a missing knob) to be right.

I'd advise caution before bidding, and definitely before paying. Two years ago, the scams were '59 bassmans and LPs. We're not that stupid these days, but a lot of scammers have simply moved to x-hundred $/£/euro items instead. It's still easy money. Caveat emptor, as they say...

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It does look shakey 1BL, I hope you've shared your concerns with wallcrawler333 . SB

Not yet, SB. It's still only £20 and 4 days to go. A Little Giant sells way over that, easy, so I'm waiting for the pic-request answer. Could be genuine, after all. The pic is not from Tim Fletcher's site, or the usual suspects (toneheaven, ampaholics), but that 'split' on the piping at 12 o'clock rings massive bells from somewhere.

As previous, if tempted then ask for extra pics before bidding/paying.

surely if you are going to do a scam you would go for something a little bit more expensive than a Selmer. whats wrong with a top of the range Messa or a Badcat, not an old Selmer that looks like its been salvaged from the local council rubbish dump. Easy just to ask if you can hear it before you bid, get a number and address off of him.

Not even got a reply to the pic-request, Lee. Remember your flag of the no-name Tele copy, bought by someone who stuck a Fender logo on it and relisted it as a "not entirely sure if it's genuine..." auction?

A few years ago, scams were '59 LPs, Bassmans or Bluesbreaker combos. They all get spotted (I saw a Bolton seller with pics of a '59 LP on the lounger next to the pool. Told eBay that nobody in Bolton has a pool; they pulled it). These scams are rarer, now. Instead, they go for something that'll attract maybe £150-£200 and no-one bothers to flag it. All it takes is a new Fleeb account name, a hotmail address and a "basic" bank account. Withdraw the money and vanish. Do it several times and you get your £x000 pretty quickly.

That Selmer is a library shot I have seen before somewhere. People will pay for a hand-wired 6-watter, they make great recording amps. It's a scam, I'm quite sure.

yeah i think you could be right Bass, 6 watters do go for good money, have you tried asking him a few questions? see if you can catch him out?
If it is a scam then its a good catch. I'll keep my eye on that one.

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