today after i took off my strings my bridge fell off and the thing below the bridge also fell off! i dont know what happend!!!! please tell me if you no!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The thing beneath the bridge is most likely the tailpiece!

These are - on some guitars - held in place by string tension, so don't panic.

You could always change strings one at a time, rather than take the whole lot off first.

ok so my tail piece is fine but what about the bridge? it fell off to but when i place it back on it doesnt fall off, inless i move it around, is that a problem or is that normal for all guitars???

Jimmy, what type of guitar is it? I'm a bass player, and I know the Gibson (+ Epiphone) Thunderbirds will do this. Fender-types will not. As glw mentions, changing and replacing one string at a time lessens the problem. Without a guitar type to go on, this will be a bit hazy, but here goes...

Each string rests on a saddle. This is a piece of metal, about the size of a child's fingernail, with a groove for the string to rest. In some guitars, the tensed string is all that's holding it down. Remove the string, flip the guitar and, hey presto, you're looking for small metal bits on the floor.
With all strings removed and the guitar flipped, a heap of bits land on the carpet.

Does this sound like what happened?

nope, i removed the strings one at a time and i because they are damaged and i dont have ne new strings to put on so i just left the guitar in my room leaning upside down and when i came in that night the bridge was off and nothing else was

you can carry on answering this one Bass.. your doing a stern job.
Hope its not a floating bridge.. or as we say in these parts, a bailey bridge. :lol:

does that mean its a bad\shity bridge??? do i have to buy a new one??

oh ya, its a Ibanez

Lee is dumping me in it. He knows a lot more than I do on the subj.

What I meant by "one at a time" was remove old E-string, fit new E-string. Remove old A-string, fit new A-string etc. If you took them all off, but had no replacements, then tilted the guitar, the saddles can fall off the body onto the floor.

Doesn't happen with all bridge-types, but can with some. As glw says, it's not as though something is wrong; they can be all put back into place. It is annoying when it happens, though.

ok so i dont have nething to worry about right? i guess i was just worried becuz this is my first guitar and i dont want nething bad happening to it

While you're all on the subject, I recently replaced the straddle on an old arch top acoustic (the original was missing) I didn't attach it at all just relied on the strings to hold it on, is this right? I couldn't see any marks where the original had been attached.



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