Hi I'm new and I've got a question...Bass Help?

Hello everyone!

I'm Brandi. I have a question for you anyone who can help. I've got this bass my brother bought for me in 1994. It's an epiphone by gibson. I lost my job and really need money, so I'm having to part with my bass. I can't play it though anyway. More than anything it has been decoration in my house, a pleasant reminder of when I wanted to try and play it and start a band. Girly fancies...but anyway..

I was wondering if anyone here might have any idea what its worth? I have hardly played it over the years, though have had friends now and again ask if they could play it for a bit while theyre over...but some how during several moves my amp has been lost...but to the best of my recollection it played perfectly...

I put stickers on it and wrote all over it...(how punk rock i felt haha) so thats an issue, but otherwise its in what i consider very nice condition for any item...perhaps a bit dusty but thats all...heres pictures...

thanks very much for any help you can possibly give xxx

xxxxx Brandi

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as some added info to my above post...

Its really heavy, not sure how heavy..more than ten lbs id say? I guess thats not REALLY heavy but it seems heavy...i believe it was bought used in 1994...i dont know about model numbers or anything else about it really...

i need to sell it but i dont want to end up on your ebay joke thread! haha

xx Brandi

Hello Brandi. I feel a bit rotten. You're new into the forum, have an excellent s/n and here I am posting a "bad news" reply - some welcome, isn't it?

Still, here goes. I'm afraid the bass won't let you retire comfortably just yet. This type of Epiphone was made in Korea to a fairly basic spec and a bit of "rad" styling. On eBay, I doubt if it would clear $150 as a good one. Yours has a couple of issues, though. The worst is, it looks like someone once ripped the frets out, then replaced them whilst using some filler. Still, the handwriting can be easily got rid of. Some windshield wash (isopropyl alcohol) should wipe the pen without affecting the body paint. Nail polish remover (acetone) will definitely wipe the pen marks but will probably hurt the paint, so avoid that.

I'd leave the stickers on, if I were you. They'll have an appeal. Your target market is the skint student working on his goatee. Sounds risky, but I'd put it on the Fleeb at $1, no reserve and see it through right to the end. In my exp, a start-bid (or reserve) of $100 gets you no bids and no interest (or, worse, just one bid at the last minute). $1 gets people "watching" the item and placing bids. In the last few hours, people bid more than they really intended and that works in your favour.

I've sold a couple of so-so basses for reasonable money using this route. Sorry if I'm bringing bad news, but it's the best advice I can give. At least I can promise I won't flag you up in the "optimistic eBayers" thread :)

ps, if you do Fleeb it; avoid big, brown "Ur Parcel's Shagged" as the shipper. Horror stories abound on what they do to a guitar across a continent, and getting back the insurance money is like grabbing the soap bar at the bottom of a muddy lake.

thanks 1bassleft....as for the frets..i retardedly in my youth, i was 13, drew with permanant marker around each fret, i thought it looked 'cool' i wish i hadn't but there you go...

ah, well $150, well, I'd be glad to get that much. I need cash and I didn't think it was worth a fortune. I asked some folks on the damned message board about it, thats how i got referred here...

its not really bad news, i appreciate the info...very much so:D thanks a bunch...ill post a link when i put it up on ebay...im going to try and sell it off ebay first and if that doesn't work then ebay here i come and i'll take your advice, scary as it sounds haha...

thanks again xxxxx

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Brandi :)

and, duely noted about UPS! haha, saw them propping up a ramp with a package one day!:O

It was me that sent you here, Brandi. I still reckon the bass might have some appeal as it is a discontinued model and the Gibson name is quite prominent on the headstock. I never thought it would earn you big bucks, but I don't think you should have to part with it for peanuts either.

Two "Merits" for glw. One for directing you to Guitarsite, and one for "Kerplunking" my memory cells. I'll try to keep the interesting bits to the top, and the bass-drivel lower down:

Good news. That marker pen around the frets is no problem (certainly no prob compared with, ripped, filled, replaced). Just get some more of that windshield screenwash to wipe it off. If it doesn't, check if nail polish remover effects the lacquer by rubbing it on an unobtrusive spot. If the lacquer stays firm, then acetone will definitely get rid of the marker pen with a quick wipe.

Secondly, glw has reminded me that your bass may be made in Japan. Is there any clue on the neckplate or elsewhere? A Japanese Epiphone will fetch more than the later models from Korea.

I used to work for a mag and, IIRC, "Epiphone by Gibson" was used as a tag shortly after their rival's "Squier, Fender"; around about the very late 80s. Epiphones may well have still been made in Japan at this point. If mentioned in the listing, the price should clear $150 quite easily for a Japiphone.

I found a similar bass using Google image search:


Note how this one doesn't have "Epiphone by Gibson" on the headstock, but simply "Epiphone" with the Gibson name appearing on the truss-rod cover. I reckon this must be a later version of the same model.

thank you so much for helping me you guys...i really appreciate it. I'm going to put it on ebay but i have to put a reserve...i cant not, im too afraid that it will sell dangerously below what its worth..and i really need the money...so im going to put the reserve lowish...but i cant go without the reserve...im too big of a wuss...its a gamble and i really hate gambling ha!

thank you so much for the help you guys! :D

xxxxxx Brandi

Any chance of a close-up photo of the back of the headstock? I'm wondering what it says on that label.

i really appreciate you putting so much effort into helping me glw :oops:

now...the headstock? which part is that? i can take a picture though...if you tell me where it is...ha :shock:

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