Introducing the Fretlight FG-411 Basic

Optek Music Systems has announced the FG-411 Basic, a new addition to its popular line of full-size six string electric guitars with revolutionary lighted learning technology that eliminates the antiquated back-and-forth method of learning to play.

Fretlight FG-411 Basic

The FG-411 Basic joins the FG-421 Standard, the FG-431/441 Vintage and the FG-451 Pro models and provides an ideal starting point for the beginner player with an updated, more compact design allowing for simpler handling and positioning. Its clear-cut features provide the necessary basics for getting beginners started with playing guitar, without overwhelming them.

Features include a built-in interactive lighted learning system and advanced software that illuminates on the fretboard songs, riffs, chords and scales, showing users where to place their fingers in order to hit the right notes, as well as one humbucker pickup and one volume control giving a warm, rich tone when plugging into a standard guitar amplifier. Available for purchase from their site, the FG-411 Basic comes in Jet Black and retails for $289.99 (MSRP).

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2 thoughts on “Introducing the Fretlight FG-411 Basic”

  1. I bought FG-411 Basic a

    I bought FG-411 Basic a month ago. And yeah! It’s definitely easy to use and I was able to learn more quickly. Built-in interactive lighted learning system are really helpful. I’m planning to buy FG-451 after I mastered FG-411.

  2. Tried this

    Hi there,

    I recently tried the FG-431/441 Vintage in a local store and I must admit it is seriously cool. A bit costly but I hope I’ll be able to find the cash to buy it within the next month or two. I’ll let you know when I do.


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