JHS/Keeley Steak N Eggs Pedal

JHS Pedals & Keeley Electronics joined forces to create the Steak N Eggs, a 2-in-1 compressor and overdrive effect pedal.

Steak N Eggs Pedal

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This pedal combines a modified Keeley Compressor and JHS Morning Glory overdrive with independent controls, and packed inside a two footswitch stompbox.

Much like how steak and eggs pair nicely, the overdrive and compression effect on this pedal are tweaked to work well together as pair, and is only available in this unit. While the two effects are based on existing pedals, they come with distinct features that separate them from their regular pedal counterpart, ensuring that you are getting truly unique versions of the two effects.

The left section of the pedal houses a modded version of the JHS Morning Glory circuit, featuring a new high-gain modification. They added more gain while retaining the quality of the original circuit, as requested by many players. It features an entirely re-thought and rebuilt gain structure that is different from overdrive effect found on the 2012 limited run “State Line” stompbox. In addition to the gain switch, there is also a brightness cut toggle via an internal DIP switch.

Here is what JHS had to say about the new “high-gain” switch, “The gain switch works two different ways in correspondence with the drive control. When the drive control is below 80% the toggle adds headroom and punch, when the drive control is maxed it adds more dirt, saturation and gain to the circuit for the most available drive ever in the circuits history… Whether you like over-easy, sunny-side up, poached, or hard-boiled, this will be a glorious morning treat.”

The right side of the Steak N Eggs pedal is a new three knob version of the classic Keeley Electronics Compressor. Introduced in this modded version is a blend control which lets you mix in the unaffected signal with the compressed signal, allowing for a wider compression range that works well with JHS’ Morning Glory overdrive.

The official descriptions says, “It’s great for humbuckers where over-compression can result in a dull tone; this design helps retain brightness…”

Another important change introduced in this circuit is the emphasis on the mid and treble frequencies, which when coupled with the new Bright switch” lets you fine tune your tone to your preference, from subtle to jangly. You can also switch from fast release time to a more spongy tube-like compression via an internal DIP switch. Finally, it comes with a sustain control that make a swoosh sound as you rotate, but will not affect performances when playing.

To give you more signal routing freedom, Steak N Eggs come with a toggle switch that lets you set the order of the effects. You can set either the compressor or overdrive to be first, allowing for even more tone variety.

The new JHS/Keeley Steak N Eggs pedal will be available as a pre-release at Chicago Music Exchange, and will be available worldwide this Fall. Expected street price is $349. For further details, visit JHS Pedals.

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