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    Amongst all the painting and recarpeting going on around the Lorange household these days, I am still able to bring you a new finger style lesson. If you’re from Mars, you may not know it; if you’re from Earth, you’ve heard this one a million times. This week looks at the intro and first half.

    The usual: go to Guitar for Beginners and Beyond, look for the Weekly Lesson link.

    Does this sound like you? You’ve been playing for quite a while now and you consider yourself fairly proficient: you know your chords, barre chords, you can play scales … you have a pretty good idea of what modes are, you can strum out a clean rhythm part … you feel you can do just about anything except BREAK LOOSE and invent something new and neat and improvise a rip snortin’ solo. You’ve heard that scales are the answer, but you can’t for the life of you turn them into melodic solos. They just remain scales.

    If that does sound like you, and all twangers hit that wall at some point in their progress, then do yourself the favor and visit my site at PlaneTalk – The Truly Totally Different Guitar Instruction Book. Learn about the most succinct way of looking at your fretboard … the whole fretboard … a simple (oh so simple) visualization technique that, with practice, keeps track of all music at all times, allows to see the music before you hear it, allows you to create strong, relevant melody. This simple mind-set has helped thousands of players move up to the next level of understanding. Many join the private PlaneTalkers Forum where we discuss music in general, the PlaneTalk technique in particular and anything else. Read some testimonials here.

    The Slide Guitar Forum is getting busier and busier. There are some very knowledgeable players there, giving away their pearls of wisdom for nothing. Come a join us! The beautiful heavy brass slides I have made for myself are available again.

    Someone recently loaded up a beautifully put together backing track of a bluesy/jazzy piece; I overdubbed a slide solo to it and it’s now Number One at the Soundclick Jazz General Charts. Have a listen at my Soundclick Page if you’re interested. This is the 4th or 5th #1 I’ve had over the last year or so. There’s something about the sound of a Stratocaster played with a heavy brass slide that gets ’em everytime, it seems!

    OK, that’s it from me. Enjoy T*H*A*T tune!

    Kirk Lorange

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