New Pod HD 1.4 Firmware Update from Line 6

Line 6 has released the 1.4 firmware update for Pod HD, Pod HD Pro and Pod HD500, it introduces additional features and input flexibility.

Pod HD 1.4

This free download will update your Pod HD firmware to 1.4, and will give your Pod HD device additional features which include better MIDI control, variable impedance, faster gating and better input flexibility.

The updates are designed to give Pod HD users even better options and and enhanced ease of use. If you have any of the Pod HD devices mentioned this firmware is for you, although it did not bring about new HD amp simulations, it does improve overall workflow so it is still worth it.

Updates in Firmware 1.4:

  • With this update you can now control your POD HD500 and POD HD Pro with external MIDI controllers. A variety of functions including Tap Tempo, Footswitch 1-8, Looper Controls, Tuner and Expression Pedals are all accessible via standard MIDI messages.
  • You can set your Pod HD to remember different input sources by selecting Preset mode. It behaves like a programmable, virtual patchbay. You can also set it to use a single input source for all presets by selecting Global mode.
  • An advanced gate called Hard Gate is introduced in the new update. It is capable of extremely quick response. It features controls for decay rate, hold time, and separate open/close thresholds which makes it ideal for any genre including Metal. With a few tweaks you can even abused it to produce erratic “sputter” and “splat” effects.
  • Firmware 1.4 introduces eight variable input impedance options. It will let you pick your poison when it comes to impedance. You can sculpt your sound using seven discrete resistor values (22k, 32k, 70k, 90k, 230k, 1M, 3.5M) which actually change the analog circuitry and giving you a new palette of tonal options. You can also set it to Auto where in the impedance matches that of the first amp or effect in your chain, giving you the same response as plugging into a real physical rig.

Firmware update 1.4 is automatically available to compatible devices when you run your Line 6 Monkey update software. All you have to do is to connect your Pod HD, Pod HD Pro or Pod HD500 to your computer via USB and let Line 6 Monkey auto install the update for you.

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