Pegasus: Has The Acoustic-Electric Guitar Been Totally Reformulated?

Jon Kammerer Guitars believe their new Pegasus has completely reinvented the concept of the semi-acoustic guitar.

Pegasus Acoustic-Electric Guitar

The Pegasus is unique in that it is a semi-acoustic that is only ever meant to be played when it's plugged into an amplifier.

Pegasus Acoustic-Electric Guitar

There have been a number of subtle innovations introduced to acoustic guitars to accommodate the needs of modern players, but manufacturers still base their designs on traditional guitar building that dates back to the mid-1800. Obviously the traditional design still works, especially in intimate and small venue settings, however problems do come up as soon as you plug-in your acoustic and play loud.

Modern day solutions to the feedback problem include sound-hole dampeners, notch filters, under-saddle pickup systems, and careful positioning on stage. However, these solutions only attempt to stop the symptom, and do not solve the inherent problem within traditional acoustic guitar bodies.

Pegasus was designed to specifically address thr inherent problem of traditional semi-acoustics, with no regard as to how it will sound like when un-plugged. This guitar features a unique body specifically designed for producing acoustic guitar tones when plugged-in eliminating the feedback problem right at its roots.

Jon Kammerer built this guitar to have the same resonating top as an acoustic, but placed two parabolic curve sound holes that isolate most of the top from the rest of the guitar. The top gives it real acoustic tones, while the isolation prevents the bellows from vibrating, virtually stopping feedback from even starting.

With its thin body profile, the guitar looks more like a semi-hollow electric than an acoustic, but make no mistake because the top is only 1/8th of an inch thick, giving it the resonance of an acoustic guitar when plugged-in. On the flipside, the Pegasus is not as loud when unplugged, and may sound more like an un-plugged semi-hollow/hollow body guitar, but then this guitar was never meant to be played unplugged.

The Pegasus is currently priced at around $2,000, features include 24 fret fingerboard, L.R. Baggs Element Pickup system, and you can pick from a variety of tone woods and hardware. For more information, you can visit John Kammerer Guitars.

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If this guitar had a classical spaced neck...

I'd be sold! The neck looks too thin to be honest. If it had classical spacing, I'd be all over it! The design is fantastic otherwise.

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