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Henriksen's 'JazzAmp Tweety' designed for acoustic highs

Henriksen recently introduced Tweety -- a passive satellite tweeter which they say 'gives your JazzAmp the extended range necessary for use with steel string and nylon string flattop acoustic guitars without compromising the original jazz sound.'

141 Orange Tiny Terror amps stolen: How to spot one

If you're in the market for a new combo - or in particular an Orange Tiny Terror - be aware that one hundred and forty one of them were stolen from Orange's Borehamwood premises North of London.

Ibanez introduces SWX Bass Amp Series

Ibanez has unveiled the new Sound Wave SWX bass amp series at the Summer NAMM show. The all-new series replaces the best selling Sound Wave bass amps and features lighter weight, more compact size, and even greater sound variation than the originals.

Hipkitty Boutique Amplifiers now available with customer select choices

HipKitty Boutique Amplifiers has announced that the Kitty Box TM tube amplifier is now available with different output tube and stain options for the customer or dealer to choose from.Also available as an option is standard black tolex in place of the stained wood finish.

MATTRIXX-N debuts The SanGreal Acoustic Instrument Amplifier

The SanGreal is an advanced acoustic instrument amplifier providing unprecedented performance for those artists who demand the absolute best out of their instruments and musical equipment. Acoustic excellence is achieved by combining a neodymium powered ribbon driver with an advanced low frequency driver along with state-of-the-art preamplifier, control, effects and power amplifier electronics.

SWR unveils the Marcus Miller Bass Preamp

SWR has unveiled the Marcus Miller Preamp, created in collaboration with one of the most influential bassists of his generation. Miller himself calls it “The missing link between your bass and a great sound!” The Marcus Miller Preamp is one of the most versatile devices a bassist can use in his arsenal, with features painstakingly customized by Miller himself, working closely with SWR engineers, to reflect his own distinctive tonal range while considering the needs of bassists of all styles.

Guitar Center features Line 6 Spider Valve Amplifiers

Guitar Center is featuring the new Line 6 Spider Valve Hybrid Guitar Amplifiers that combine the company's vaunted modeling and effects with Bogner Amplification's responsive, high-performance tube amplifiers. Bogner Amplification's owner and leading designer, Reinhold Bogner has built amplifiers for numerous acclaimed musicians including Steve Vai, Eddie Van Halen, Mark Tremonti, and Dave Navarro. The Spider Valve line incorporates Bogner's highly sought-after tone and comes equipped with legendary Celestion Vintage 30 speakers that give voice to its rich, overdriven tube sound.

Vox Amps announces the Black Diamond Modeling Combo Amp

The new BLACK DIAMOND modeling combo is the diamond of VOX’s tube modeling amplifier technology. The BLACK DIAMOND is the culmination of VOX’s 50-plus-year legacy of fine amplifier design combined with the latest next-generation modeling technologies. The boasts 200W of power (100W + 100W stereo), making it the top of the Valvetronix series in every way --- sound, power, playability, modeling precision and accuracy.

Fishman introduces SoloAmp acoustic guitar amplifier

The Fishman SoloAmp, a lightweight and portable all-in-one system, breaks new ground in acoustic amplification.

Randall Amplifiers announces Kirk Hammett Signature Practice Amplifier

Randall Amplifiers has announced the KH-15 Kirk Hammett Signature Practice Amplifier, a full-featured practice amp created through a year-long collaboration between Hammett and Randall engineers. With a fierce, solid tone and details that include control labels written in Kirk's own handwriting, the Randall Kirk Hammett Signature Practice Amplifier is the perfect choice for musicians jamming on-the-go and recording in the studio.

Randall Amps introduces new Randall Bass Series

Randall Amplifiers has introduced the new RB Series of heads and speaker cabinets. The new series includes 3 heads and 4 cabinets with revolutionary technology available at varying power levels.

Songworks Systems announces The Mahaffay AW99

The New Mahaffay AW99 has three separate independent power amp output stages with a volume control for each w/ line level effects loops too. Each ouput is rated at 33 watts each. You can run 3 of your favorite cabs or varying sets like 2x12's, 2x10's cabs or any combination set of speakers powered up all off the same amp. How about three 4x12 cabs? Left and right cabs, stereo, and center dry — any speaker configuration you can think of! With the AW99 you will never have to worry about impedance matching or what cab or speakers to use.

Retro-King Amps Adds The Plexi 100 to its amplifier line

The Plexi 100 is a replica of the famed late 60's Marshall 100 watt head with Solid state rectifier, four EL-34 power tubes, three 12AX7 preamp tubes and Heyboer 100 watt plexi replica transformers. All hand wired point to point on a vintage style turret board just like the originals.

Randall Amplifiers announces new addition of Custom Kirk Hammett Amp

Randall Amplifiers has announced the RM100KH custom Kirk Hammett amp, complete with three MTS preamp modules. The custom RM100KH Kirk Hammett amp offers the full array of tones that have been the staple of rock music for over three decades. The custom head cranks out 100-watts of power, while harnessing the vast range of the accompanying MTS modules. The three custom Kirk Hammett modules allow for tones that run the gamut from classically clean to brutality crunchy, representing tones from Kirk's early, mid and later years. The MTS preamp modules are fully swappable and interchangeable, allowing musicians to pair existing modules with Kirk's legendary tones to build the ultimate rig.

Hipkitty Boutique Amplifiers releases the Kitty Box Amplifier

HipKitty Boutique Amplifiers has released the Kitty Box. The Kitty Box is a 50-watt, all tube, handcrafted amplifier designed with tone purists and players of all kinds in mind. With a personal touch and attention to a detailed construction, the Kitty Box TM is versatile yet very distinctive in sounds and looks. All sounds are full, sweet and refreshing. There are no bad sounds to be found in this box, just harmonically enriched tones that fit with any guitar type or player’s style.

Masters announces the TVA30 Guitar Amp

The TVA30 delivers 30 watts with 4 EL84s through a massive, 70% over-rated, custom-designed output transformer so the full output potential of the amplifier and powerful low-end response can be realized without restriction. The amplifier is a stable, non-reactive design which performs well clean or distorted at both low and high volume. It is capable of delivering thick, strong low-end power without choking or losing sound quality.

Randall Amplifiers Launches Christian Olde Wolbers Signature Series Half Stack

Randall Amplifiers will be launching a new signature half stack that was designed in conjunction with world-renown lead guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers of Fear Factory. The half stack includes the V2 Archetype head and the RS412XLT 100BC 4x12 cabinet.

Orange launches 40Th Anniversary OR50 Amp and Limited Edition Cab

Orange amplification celebrate their 40th anniversary in 2008 and following on from announcement of extremely limited the 40th anniversary custom shop amp (only 40 made) , they are launching an anniversary production model OR50 and have just released official pictures of the new production amp.

Egnater holding Amp building seminar in May

On Saturday, May 24, 2008 and Sunday, May 25, 2008 Egnater is offering another Two Day Amp Building Seminar. The classes are held at Egnater world Headquarters in beautiful Berkley, Michigan located just North of Detroit (Rock City).

Eden introduces the E300T and the E810V

Eden Electronics has introduced their new E300T all-tube bass amplifier and the E810V4 8 x 10 cabinet. Our new all-tube E300T amplifier ($1699.90) is the perfect blend of old and new. And made for those who always loved that old-school tone, but hated the expense and hassle.We started with a classic, streamlined control set, then updated it with Overdrive switch to add extra grit from the preamp tubes and a Mid Shift switch (500Hz and 2.2KHz). The power section features a six-pack of KT-88s packing a 320W RMS/700W Peak wallop (@ 4 or 8 Ohms).

Orange launches Tiny Terror Combo

The Orange Tiny Terror was only launched eighteen months ago and after selling over ten thousand units, has proven to be one of the most in-demand amps in the world.

Blackstar Amplification launches new Artisan amplifiers

Blackstar Amplification has announced the launch of two new heads and an extension cabinet to the range — the Artisan 15H, 15 Watt head, Artisan 30H, 30 Watt head and Artisan 212, 2x12 extension cabinet. Driven by demand from players around the world, these head versions of the popular combos offer the same exceptional standards of tone and construction in a head format. The 212 cabinet is ideal for use with these heads or for those who want a compact alternative to a 4x12.

Roland announces MOBILE CUBE

Roland has announced a new addition to its popular CUBE Series amplifiers that brings famous CUBE portability and tone to any instrument. The new MOBILE CUBE\ features stereo instrument and stereo AUX inputs for microphones, keyboards, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, MP3 players and more — a first in compact amplifiers.

Bogner Amplification announces Alchemist guitar amplifiers

Bogner Amplification has announced Alchemist, a forthcoming line of guitar amplifiers designed to deliver the signature flexibility, pure valve signal path and rich tonal characteristics indicative of historic Bogner amplifiers, all at an excellent value.

Randall Amplifiers announces Kirk Hammett limited edition half stack

Randall Amplifiers has announced the Kirk Hammett Limited Edition Half Stack.

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