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Bugera Valve Amps now shipping

Nine new Bugera Valve Amps are no ready for shipping, including four 120-Watt heads, four 120-Watt combos and an amazing 4 x 12" cabinet.

Line 6 Spider Jam now available worldwide

Line 6 has announced the Spider Jam, a new addition to the Spider III family of modeling amplifiers. Packed with hundreds of artist-designed presets, Smart Control FX and the best band in the world, Spider Jam begins where other amplifiers end.

Kustom announces the Double Cross All-Tube Amp

Expanding its U.S. tube amplifier line, Kustom introduces the Double Cross, a world class, all-tube, 3-channel guitar head. Designed by noted amp builder James Brown, the 100-watt Double Cross boldly redefines high-gain guitar amplification with a broad spectrum of stunning new tones and user-modified features.

Randall Amplifiers introduces new G3 Plus Series

Randall Amplifiers has introduced the new G3 Plus Series of heads, speaker cabinets and combos. Utilizing the tone circuit of the premier V2 and T2 amplifiers, the G3 Plus Series provides an even higher level of performance without the cost of a high end amplifier. This revolutionary technology gives the G3 Plus Series a more aggressive, more intense gain, allowing entry level players to achieve signature Randall tone shared by their heroes.

Monster Factory amps: big, green and ugly

Electricity is in the air around Jacksonville, AR. Frankenstein's laboratory never cranked out anything as monstrous as the creations crawling out of the door at a new guitar amplifier manufacturer conspicuously named Monster Factory Amplification.

Carvin X100B Tube Amp reissued

Carvin has reintroduced one of it's most popular guitar amps, the X100B. It originally debuted in 1982, and was later offered during a stint in 1994.

Classic tones with V100H head: Crate

Crate boasts classic tones at a low price with their new V100H tube amp.

Ashdown releases The Little Giant bass amps

Despite fitting into the front pocket of an average bass guitar gig bag, the new Ashdown Little Giant 350 and 1000 bass amps punch out more than their weight. Weighing in at only 6.6lbs and 7.7lbs respectively, they deliver a heavy-hitting combination of power, tone and useful features.

Line 6 announces Micro Spider

Line 6 has announced the launch of Micro Spider, the traveling guitarists battery-powered best friend and a potent addition to the best-selling Spider III family of modeling amplifiers.

Orange amps launch two 40th anniversary limited edition guitar amps

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Orange amplification, the company are launching two limited edition guitar amps. The Custom Shop model will have 40 different individually hand made circuits, each uniquely engineered and built to the highest specifications.

Randall announces Kirk Hammett Signatures Series amps

Randall Amps has announced the launch of the Kirk Hammett Signatures Series. The new line includes amps, cabinets, modules and combos that all reflect the tones and voices that Metallica's legendary guitarist has spent a career perfecting. Musicians of all skill levels can now harness Kirk's groundbreaking sound with Randall Amplifiers' vast variety of signature products.

Marshall announces Randy Rhoads 1959RR Amp

Marshall has announced the 1959RR Randy Rhoads signature amp. I don't know too much about it, other than it's a 100 watter, with a three band EQ, three ECC83 pre-amp valves, four EL43 power amp valves, and cascade mod. Head only and no price or release date at the moment. Looks good hey....

Metasonix G-1000 tube amp is a F'ing F'er

The Metasonix G-1000 amp is pretty cool: It packs two all tube amps inside, one channel happy, the other angry, and it's all put together in a funky bright yellow case. But what really sets it apart is that it's also called the "Fucking Fucker." Yes, you read that right. The Fucking Fucker All-Tube Amp.

SWR celebrates 20th anniversary of Redhead with introduction of newly redesigned model

This year marks the 20th anniversary of a love affair between bassists and the most influential bass combo amplifier in history - the SWR Redhead.

Blackheart Killer Ant tube amp debuting at NAMM

Blackheart Engineering will debut their latest amp, a tube amp named Killer Ant, at NAMM. Gearwire reports that Killer Ant will cost around $140, and boast Class A, single-ended circuitry, delivering responsive tube amp tone at practice amp volumes.

Backline Engineering announces a new version of ZenTone 7

ZenTone7 is a class-A tube amp combining a vintage design with several advanced features. The main change is a new power supply design that provides a higher voltage for slightly more output power. This new design also provides a low power mode which cuts the output power by more than a factor of 2 in order to proved more output tube overdrive. When combining lower power mode with triode mode, the output power is reduced to around 1 watt. Other changes include an improved direct out speaker emulation design and a preamp design change for smoother high-gain tones.

ZT Amplifiers introduces The Lunchbox and The Future Amp

ZT Amplifiers has entered the musical instrument industry by creating two guitar amplifiers, with one of their primary goals being to market their products to musicians in China.

Blackheart's Little Giant tube amps want to make big impression

Blackheart Engineering may not be a big name in amps, it may even be unheard of, but that's not to say these little guys won't be creating some nice amps. They recently released their boutique, all tube Little Giant series, and at just $250US for BH5-112 combo, prices look rather good.

Randall Amps launches Michael Amott Signature Stack

Randall Amplifiers will be launching a new Signature Series stack called the Ninja V2, which is designed and inspired by Arch Enemy lead guitarist Michael Amott.

White Horse marks its territory with 60W tube amp

According to Sonic State, UK based Gear4music has launched a major new range of guitar amplification products under their new White Horse brand. Their first release is the T64RS 60W valve amp which features a 12AX7 driven Tube Pre-Amplifier alongside a custom designed 4 x 8" speaker cabinet.

Songworks announces Mahaffay HiLo Watt Plexi mini amp

Songworks has introduced the Mahaffay HiLo Watt Plexi amp. Shrinking a true giant into the portable and affordable size. The HiLo Watt Plexi was deigned to copy the sound of a full blown variac Marshall cranked to 10 but a controllable and usable level.

Reeves unveils Custom 225 bass amp

Reeves has made its first entry in bass amps with the Custom 225. "Rated at a punishing 225 watts into 8 ohms, the Custom 225 was designed from the ground up with the bass player in mind, with features like active / passive input selection and balanced XLR line out" Reeves say on their website.

Peavey Tube amps get Gold from Guitar World

Guitar World magazine has honored two all-tube Peavey guitar amplifiers, the Windsor Head and ValveKing 212, with their Gold Award for Overall Value.

Behringer release BVT4500H Bass Amplifier head

New from Behringer is the BVT4500H Bass Amplifier head -- 450 watts of what they say offers ultra-flexible tone control and beefy solid state power.

Tiny Terror sells over 10,000 units

Since its launch in the summer of 2006 the triumphant Tiny Terror amp has sold over 10,000 units.

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