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Line 6 Spider Valve amps coming end of September

Line 6 has teamed up with Reinhold Bogner and the end result is the Spider Valve, combining state of the art modeling with that warm tube amplifier touch. These new amps are expected to arrive end of September.

Carr announces Mini-Merc 1x10 Combo

Carr just announced their Mini-Mercury Amplifier - a versatile combo with all tube reverb, 3 position boost switch, treble cut switch, and a built in attenuator yielding 8, 2, ½, or 1/10 watt output.

Randall announces George Lynch MTS Signature Series Preamp Modules

Randall Amplifiers has announced the general availability of the George Lynch MTS Signature Series Preamp Modules, which allows guitarists to attain his classic tones, ranging from smooth and clean to the heavy rhythm tones characteristic of the Dokken and Lynch Mob eras.

IndyGuitarist releases DIY Fender Pro Junior mod guide

The latest guide in IndyGuitarist's DIY amp modification series is for the Fender Pro Junior. These video guides are a must-have for owners keen on pushing their amp to it's full potential.

Randall's MTS tube amps with interchangeable preamps reach stores

Randall Amplifiers announced last week the general availability of its MTS Series modular guitar preamp system, which combines the tone of time-tested tube amplifiers with the convenience of flexible modular technology. Randall amplifiers are utilized by influential rockers such as Linkin Park, Anthrax, Mudvayne, Metallica, Def Leppard, Arch Enemy and Fear Factory to create the signature sound and tone they demand.

Peavey Joe Satriani JSX Mini Colossal amp now available

Peavey and guitar hero Joe Satriani proudly introduce the JSX Mini Colossal, an authentically vintage, miniature class-A marvel. The Mini Colossal is the third amplifier in the popular Peavey JSX Series.

Peavey's new Tour Series 700 and 450 bass amp heads

Peavey has introduced new Tour Series 700 and 450 bass amplifier heads, a pair of high-powered workhorses featuring highly specialized EQ, built-in subharmonic generator, direct out with phantom power backup and Peavey’s new patented SmartRail technology.

Hard Truckers Fatty: A 2x12 hemp speaker cabinet

Hard Truckers has introduced The Fatty, a new hemp speaker cabinet that is a custom, hand made, bio-friendly, alternative to generic gear, with a sound they say that will blow you away.

New Rev Jr. Micro Stack from Krank

The Rev Jr. micro stack, the 20W version of krank Amps monster Rev Series 1 head and cabs, is geared more for the professional practice or small gig environment, boasting an all tube dual channel head (2 5881's, 3 12AX7's) with boost switch and active effects loop that gives players a number of different tones ranging from chimey clean to the monsterous high gain Krank has made their reputation on.

MCA's see-through Ampeg amp

Ampeg's blog, RoundSound, has a picture of a custom and see-through B-15 Portaflex amp belonging to Beastie Boys' Bassist, MCA (Adam Yauch). MCA commissioned Ampeg to design the see-through bass amps.

New bass amp from AXL: Tyrant

Delivering 100 watts of reliable bass power, the new AXL Tyrant bass amplifier has everything you need to power up your clean bass tones, says AXL.

Siegmund Diamond 300B tube amp released

Siegmund Guitars latest release is the Diamond 300B, a resonating tube amplifier for acoustic and electric stringed instruments. "Its unique design allows natural musicians to experience their own gift of harmony in ways that re-define inspiration" says the Siegmund website.

Hughes and Kettner Statesman tube amps

The new Statesman all-tube guitar amps from Hughes & Kettner cover the full spectrum of classic amp sounds from "Early 60's Clean" to "Early 80's Overdrive." This sophisticated design is the first to combine two opposite poles of the tone world into one tube amp: "Vintage Open-Back Clean" in the one channel, and the massive tone of a 4x12" half-stack in the Overdrive channel.

New from Aguilar Amps: DB 112 speaker cabinet

New from Aguilar Amplification is the DB 112 speaker cabinet. It combines the full low-end extension of Aguilar's GS 112 with the punchy midrange of the DB series cabinet line.

New from Tone-Tools: Fat Cat Production Series guitar speaker cabinets

Tone-Tools has announced the Fat Cat Production Series guitar speaker cabinets, affordable versions of the Fat Cat 1x12 and 2x12.

VOX's new Heritage hand-wired amps

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of VOX guitar amplifiers, VOX has announced the first of a new Heritage Collection of hand-wired amplifiers –

Euro debut of new Marshall amps

To celebrate the European debut of the new Kerry King 2203KK Signature series, Kerry King will be on the Marshall stand at Musikmesse every day between 3 and 4pm for signing sessions. The Kerry King 2203KK Signature series will be Q3 2007.

Komet Amplifier Head Review

Dean Farley reviews the Komet Amplification 50-Watt all-tube amplifier head.

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