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TC Electronic BH250 Amp Head with TonePrint

The BH250 is a powerful and compact amp head designed for bassists, featuring TC Electronic's TonePrint technology.

3rd Power RPO100 Tube Amplifier

3rd Power Amplification introduces the RPO100 Tube Amp, a hand-wired amplifier designed to help rock guitarists cut through the mix.

Randall Satan - Ola Englund Signature Amp

Randall, Mike Fortin and Ola Englund came up with a prototype of the soon to be released Randall Satan amplifier.

TC Electronic BG250 Bass Combo

The BG250 Bass Combo is a lightweight amplifier with 1x15" speakers that features TC Electronic's TonePrint Technology.

Peavey 6505 20th Anniversary

Peavey celebrates 20 years of the hard hitting 6505 guitar amplifier, a popular amp of choice used in modern metal music.

Port City Pearl Combo Amp with Reverb

Pearl Combo is a handmade amp by Port City Amplification, designed to provide transparent and clear tube tones.

Milbert GAGA D-60

The Milbert GAGA D-60 is a lightweight 60W tube guitar amplifier with a wide range of modern functionality.

EBS Session 30 Bass Combo Amp

EBS Session 30 is a 30W Bass Combo Amp from EBS, a smaller brother to the 60 and 120W Session Combo models.

Kemper Profiling Amplifier Now Available

The Kemper Profiling Amplifier is now available in stores, this unique amp lets you capture digital profiles of your favorite amps and pack it in one lunchbox size kit.

Stomp-Head 4.SL from Taurus Amps

Stomp-Head 4.SL from Taurus Amps is a full featured hybird amplifier housed in a small and portable diecast stompbox.

Fender Pawn Shop Special Amps - Greta & Excelsior

Fender has come up with a charming and unconventional take on vintage tube amp design with the Fender Pawn Shop Special Amps.

Aguilar Tone Hammer 350 Bass Guitar Amplifier

Aguilar Amplification will give you a sneak peak of the new Tone Hammer 350 amp at booth 5956 at the coming NAMM 2012.

Fender Super Champ X2

Fender will roll out a lot of new amps at NAMM 2012, this will include the versatile hybrid tube amp Fender Super Champ X2.

Orange Amps OR50H and OR15H

With NAMM 2012 around the corner, Orange Amplification brings back the limited edition OR50H amp and launches an alternative 15watt version, the OR15H.

NAMM 2012: Slipknot’s Jim Root to launch his Orange Amps Signature #4 Jim Root Terror Head and Cab

Jim Root's new Terror Head is modelled on the dirty channel of the Orange Rockerverb 100 - to produce an all-tube 15 watt amp.

Tube Amp Care

Hi fellow Gearheads

Fargen Retro Classic

Fargen have marshaled all their efforts and tapped the spine of classic amplification to expand their boutique line of tube amplifiers with the new 3-in-1, 25 watt amplifier, the Retro Classic - which goes all the way up to 68!

Marshall Custom Shop

Marshall launches its new personalized brand of amplifiers, the new Marshall Custom Shop.

Mack Amps now have Layaway Plans

If you want a Mack Amp tube amplifier, but don't have the cash upfront, then check this out.

VTX150 Neodymium from VOX Amplification

VOX Amplification is shipping its latest tube circuit amp modeling hybrid, the VTX150 Neodymium, a new addition to the Valvetronix Pro Series of Amplifiers

Latest from Blackstar Amplification, the HT Club 50H Head and a Limited Edition Bundle Package

Blackstar Amplification adds the new HT Club 50H Head to its HT Venue Series tube amplifiers, and offers an introductory Limited Edition Bundle Package.

Eric Clapton Signature EC Series Amplifiers from Fender

Fender unveils its first artist signature amplifier, the EC Series Amplifiers which carries with it the name, ideas and specifications of Eric Clapton.

Ampeg GVT Amplifiers now shipping to North America

Ampeg is now shipping its Ampeg GVT amplifiers to North America.

Fender Mustang Mini Amplifier

The Mustang Mini Amplifier is Fender's latest portable, ultra compact amplifier with built in effects and amp modeling, and is nominated as one of the best practice amps.

VOX TX300 Neodymium Valvetronix Pro Limited Edition Guitar Amplifier Package

The VTX300 Neodymium joins the VOX Valvetronix Pro flagship Series.

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