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Creation Audio Labs announces second annual Nashville Amp Expo

The 2nd annual Nashville Amp Expo will be held at the Hyatt Place, Brentwood on Aug 21-22, 2010. It is an event that allows the public to meet the makers of the highest quality guitar amps and effects units one-on-one. Admission is only $5 and gains you access to the exhibitors, the seminars, entertainment, and gear giveaways.

Two Rock releases Eric Gales Signature Amplifier

This 2 channel amp has stellar crystal cleans and high gain lead tones, with a separate EQ on the front panel for lead and clean.

British Amplifiers reissues Watkins Dominator Amp

British Amplifiers has announced that a limited edition Golden Anniversary re-issue of the World famous Watkins Dominator V Front guitar amplifier has been introduced. To celebrate 50 years of the Watkins Dominator, Charlie Watkins of WEM Watkins has licensed a production of just 100 of these iconic amplifiers to be built by British Amplifiers in a stunningly beautiful "Golden Anniverary" livery. Each of these special Dominators carries Charlie Watkins name personally signed on both the chassis and a letter of authenticity made out to each new owner. It is expected that with such provenance, these reissue will themselves become highly collectable pieces of musical history in the future.

Fortin Amplification releases the NATAS Tube Guitar Amplifier

Like its namesake, NATAS assumes many forms, tempting you with diverse tones that are a veritable history lesson of metallic glory. Classic early 80's English crunch to ultra tight late 80's thrash to demented and down-tuned 90's death metal to the most over the top technical excursions of the last decade are all forged into this amplifier. This beast is also a Godsend for the next generation of 8 string and extended scale length guitar players who require an amplifier to handle the full range of their instruments. And of course shredders from all eras will delight in the scorching harmonics, fast tracking and fluid sustain of the NATAS.

Orange Amps releases the OPC Speaker Price

Orange Amplifiers can now announce the final specification and price for the much anticipated and revolutionary all-in-one computer amplifier speaker, The OPC. The OPC is more than a high quality all-in-one powerful computer, it has been designed to deliver playing, recording, editing and computing capabilities to musicians and music aficionados.

Fryette Amplification releases the Memphis 30

The Memphis 30 is an innovative blend of modern technology and time-honored sonic values. This first amplifier of the all new Memphis series represents a new generation of Fryette Amplification.

Fargen releases the AC Duo-Tone Amplifier

Fargen Amplification has announced it has enhanced its tube amplifier line with major upgrades and improvements to three existing amplifier models, and it has introduced a new model, the AC Duo-Tone. The AC Duo-Tone is a revolutionary design featuring two distinct channels that cover a wide range of Brit-type tones. “I’ve pushed this dual EL84 tube design to its limits, offering contrasting channels, and sustain for days,” says Ben Fargen, founder and CEO. “The amp features simple controls that cover a lot of ground ranging from AC-Brit style tones to throaty tone.”

Fargen Amps launches New Website and Product Line, with the 'Me and My Fargen' Contest

Fargen Amplification has announced the launch of its new website,, featuring its three main product lines: production tube amplifiers, custom made tube amplifiers and amplifier modifications.

Orange Amps launches The OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker

Orange Amplifiers has announced the launch of the revolutionary all-in-one computer amplifier speaker – The OPC. The project has been several years in the making and as a pioneering force in guitar amplifiers, they have used their expertise in sound technology, engineering and electronics to build a new generation of computers that incorporate the best of both worlds: latest computer technology with integrated tools for the modern musician and music lovers.

BC Audio introduces Tube Guitar Amps in Ammo Cans

BC Audio is now offering visual styling options for its critically acclaimed Amplifier No.7, a 15 or 25 watt boutique guitar amp housed in rugged military surplus ammo cans. BC Audio has developed a source of newly manufactured ammo cans, untouched by the military, which become the "Clean" style Amplifier No. 7.

Port City Amps releases the Pearl Amp

When most think of a Pearl, something simple, beautiful and rare comes to mind. In the age where many companies are producing over-processed, multi channel amps, Port City Amplifiers is happy to offer the Pearl. Simple, beautiful and clean. Many players today rely on pedals to achieve their overdriven tone. In that case what is needed is a pure, rich and dynamic clean tone to lay the foundation.

Vox announces the AC4TVmini Amplifier

VOX Amplification has added the new AC4TVmini to its amplifier lineup. Extremely portable, the AC4TVmini is ideal for recording, jamming with friends, rehearsals, and more. Based on the popular VOX AC4 from the 1960s, this all-tube practice amp has been factory-modded with a premium transformer and select components for optimum tone.

Orange launches new Crush and Crush PiX Amps

Orange recently upgraded the Crush PiX range of amps to pack more punch and offer more great value for money. Following on from this, they are announcing at the Frankfurt Musikmesse a range of new models and changes. 2010 see’s the whole Crush PiX range available in an optional cool black finish alongside their instantly recognisable, brightly coloured Orange Amplifiers and picture-frame cabinets.

New Orange Thunder 30 Combo and Head

Storming into the New Year, Orange Amps are giving their range of guitar amps a boost with the launch of the new Thunder 30 combo and head. This replaces the Rocker 30 and will roar into the shops spring 2010.

Vox introduces VR Series Amps with Valve Reactor Technology

Vox Amplification has announced the release of its new AC30VR and AC15VR 'VR Series' combo amplifiers. The series features VOX's proven Valve Reactor technology, along with the classic split panel cosmetics of the AC30 and AC15 amplifiers, resulting in a flexible new amp line for today's player.

VOX expands Pathfinder Line with Dedicated 10-Watt Bass Amp

VOX Amplification offers the Pathfinder Bass 10 as the newest addition to the Pathfinder amplifier series. Guitarists have long been familiar with VOX’s popular, portable Pathfinder combo amps, and now the Pathfinder Bass 10 amp faithfully carries on the VOX sound, look and tradition for bass players.

Announcing the Peavey Butcher Amplifier

Peavey has announced the new Butcher guitar amplifier, a 100-watt, all-tube head that specializes in innovative versatility and timeless, brutal Bitish tone. The Butcher is a two-channel amplifier with five 12AX7 preamp tubes and four EL34 power amp tubes.

Two new White Horse Guitar Amp Models launched have debuted two new amplifiers in the popular White Horse range - the GT212 120W DSP Guitar Amp and the BP35 Bass Guitar Amp. The White Horse series was first brought to market in 2007, and the amps have since developed a strong reputation for their build quality and varied sound palette.

Orange launches Rockerverb II

The Rockerverb series has long been regarded as a masterpiece of guitar amplification and Orange amps has announced the launch of the new Rockerverb II, which builds on the classic proven Rockerverb formula and improves the specification and range available.

Lee Ritenour to develop Signature Amplifier with BUGERA

BUGERA has announced a collaboration with Lee Ritenour to develop a signature all-valve guitar amplifier. Ritenour recently chose the 333XL amplifier and the 412F-BK cabinet to use in studio sessions for his upcoming album “Six String Theory,” and toured with the same equipment throughout Europe in November of 2009. Following the successful tour and recording, Ritenour has agreed to work closely with BUGERA engineers to develop an amp to his exacting specifications.

New additions to the Kustom All-Tube Defender Amp Line

Kustom Amplification has unveiled an exciting new line-up of tube guitar amplifiers bearing the Defender name. Each offers an unbeatable combination of all-tube tone and smart, high-performance features. Designed in the USA, Defender amplifiers are world-class products that are ready for use on stage or in the studio.

Peavey announces Headliner Series Bass Enclosures

Peavey has introduced the new Headliner Series bass enclosures, designed and voiced for the new Headliner bass amplifier head from Peavey. The Peavey Headliner bass enclosure line launches with the Headliner 410, Headliner 210 and Headliner 115, a trio of cabinets engineered with superior components, high power handling capabilities, intense low-end response and clarity that make them the perfect companions to any bass amplifier rig.

BUGERA releases BVV3000 All-Valve Bass Amplifier Head

With the release of the new BVV3000, BUGERA brings the classic all-valve bass amp up to date. The 300-Watt hand-built amp head features a trio of 12AX7s and a pair of 12AU7 tubes in the preamp section, and boasts six (6) 6550s in its output stage. The BVV3000 features a multitude of tone-shaping options including Bass, Mid (with a dedicated five-position Voicing selector) and Treble, as well as Ultra-High and Ultra-Low switches.

Bugera shows off new Boutique-Style Amp, Tube Amp, Valves and Bass Amp at NAMM 2010

The 'Soul of Valves' Bugera has announced their new range of amps that they'll be showing off at NAMM 2010. Here's run down on what they have to offer:

Fender introduces the new G-DEC 3 Amplifier

Fender has introduced the next step in the ongoing evolution of its acclaimed G-DEC (Guitar Digital Entertainment Center) amp series, the G-DEC 3. Available in 30-watt and 15-watt versions, the G-DEC 3 takes an exciting leap forward in technology and content, with easy computer connectivity and with many of its 100 presets and audio performance loops created by the world's top artists and session aces.

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