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PRS Guitars' New Grab-and-Go Amplifier - The PRS 30 Combo

Described as an English sound with an American twist, PRS's newest amplifier package, the PRS 30 Combo, is the first 30-Watt cathode biased combo in a series of lower wattage amps. The series kicked off with the 16-Watt PRS Sweet 16 model earlier this year.

VHT introduces the Special 6 Handwired Combo

VHT has introduced The Special 6, a 6-watt handwired combo or head and cabinet combination that offers players extra features, superior sound quality, and exceptional value.

Sneak Peek at GNR8-130 2 x 12 Stereo Guitar Amp

The GNR8-130 is 130W powered stereo guitar amplifier cabinet designed specifically for use with any DSP- or analog-based direct recording device or preamp.

Peavey IPR Power Amplifiers to use Waves DSP Technology

Peavey Electronics has announced that its new IPR DSP Series of power amplifiers will be the first amplifiers to use the acclaimed Waves MX5010 semiconductor.

Jet City Amplification debuts First Amp Lineup

Jet City Amplification has announced the release of the all-new “design by Soldano” lineup of all-tube guitar amplifiers. Featuring simple controls, cool cosmetics, and sensible pricing the new line-up launched worldwide in September.

Marshall announces MA Series Guitar Amplifiers

Marshall Amplification is proud to introduce its all-new MA Series guitar amplifiers. At a budget-conscious price point, they offer entry into the realm of all-valve amplification. True to form, the MA Series amps are dressed in the traditional Marshall black and gold, and emblazoned with the white Marshall logo. While accessible to all, the MA Series amps are far from stripped down.

Grosh Guitars announces the Grosh Reserve Limited Edition DG-50 Amplifier

This weekend at the Arlington Guitar Show in Dallas Texas, Grosh Guitars have announced their first ever Amp - The Grosh Reserve Limited Edition DG-50 Amplifier.

Introducing the PRS 30 Tube Amplifier

Described as an English sound with an American twist, PRS Guitars' new amp, the PRS 30, is the first 30-watt cathode biased amp in a series of lower wattage amps that started with the Sweet 16 model earlier this year. The PRS 30 model features a quartet of EL84 tubes with a control layout similar to the Dallas model PRS amp.

Hughes & Kettner debuts COREBLADE All-Tube Amplifiers

In succession of the highly popular SWITCHBLADE TSC Hughes & Kettner proudly presents COREBLADE, the next evolutionary stage of programmable all-tube guitar amps, especially designed to meet the demands of modern metal guitarists. The head delivers a stalwart 100 watts and combines brutal tone, untamed dynamics and explosive punch with amazing flexibility unequaled by any other tube amp so far. COREBLADE's most prominent features include our exclusive TSC tube management, the all-new IDB noise gate and – as a world premiere – backup the 128 presets to a USB stick without a computer.

Blackstar Amplification launches Series One in the USA

The much anticipated Series One is now available in the USA. Due to rapid growth, Blackstar Amplification have expanded their dealer network into independent stores. There is more exciting news in the form of Blackstar USA Inc. which is being headed up by Loren Molinare. Loren has over 10 years experience in the MI industry and was the guitarist in respected bands, The Dogs and Little Caesar.

PRS presents the Sweet 16 Amplifier

The Sweet 16 is already on retail shelves and creating quite a stir in the musical instruments community. This new amp couples 16 watts of cathode-biased 6v6 output tube power and includes reverb, a full TMB tone stack, and PRS' transparent master volume circuit. Controls include bright switch, volume, reverb, treble, mid, bass, and master volume. All amps are hand wired in Stevensville, Maryland using hybrid circuitry techniques for consistency and durability.

Revelation Valve Amplifier now shipping worldwide

The Revelation amp was designed by Michael Ibrahim with the intention that it would make a serious contribution to the evolution of valve amp technology. Utilising the best in components and an uncompromising build technique the Revelation is a pure vacuum tube 4 channel amplifier with features and flexibility that pushes the boundaries and limitations normally associated with boutique amp manufacture.

ValveTrain Amps introduces the Trenton and Savannah Amplifiers

ValveTrain Amplification has announcd the release of the latest additions to our Revolution Series, the Trenton and Savannah Amplifiers along with 2 new Revolution Series extension cabinets. Designed in the tradition of the masters, the Trenton features a pair of 12AX7 dual-triode preamp tubes driving the signal through a matched pair of cathode biased 6V6 power tubes. Inspired by the simplicity of the amp designs of the 1960's, the amp controls are Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass.

Fishman Amplification rebrands SoloAmp as the SA220 Solo Performance System

Because of its unqualified success and seemingly limitless potential in reaching new markets, Fishman Amplification is rebranding the SoloAmp as the SA220 Solo Performance System. The SA220 won "Best of Show" at its initial launch during Summer NAMM 2008. The versatile amplification system went on to win the m.i.p.a (Musikmesse International Press Award) at Musikmesse/ Pro Light + Sound 2009 while receiving critical acclaim in leading guitar, music trade, and pro audio publications. Artists such as Jerry Douglas, Bob Weir, Jeff Pevar, Fiona Boyes, and Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens were among the first to work with the Solo Performance System.

The Night Train V112NT Cabinet has been released

VOX Amplification hasrecently debuted the Night Train NT15 guitar amplifier head. This sleek, all-tube amp head took top honors as Best Guitar Head of 2009 in the Musikmesse International Press Awards. Now VOX introduces the V112NT speaker cabinet, designed to provide an aesthetic and musical match for the Night Train NT15 head.

Bugera unveils new 212V-BK Speaker Cabinet

The new 212V-BK is the perfect mate to the ever-expanding line of BUGERA all-tube amp heads and combos, and packs the punch and high-quality sound customers all over the world have come to expect from the BUGERA brand. Dual 12" Original BUGERA Vintage Guitar Series speakers give the 212V-BK its explosive sound.

Burriss Amps introduces the Dirty Red Amplifier

Burriss Amps and Effects Pedals, maker of the Royal Bluesman introduces the newest member in their series of small, powerful and affordable, hand-made tube amplifiers: Dirty Red. Known for his line of full size tube amps – Switch Master, Shadow, dB Special and the versatile Royal Bluesman head, builder Bob Burriss confirms the statement that dynamite does come in small packages with the small and nasty Dirty Red tube head.

Line 6 launches Spider IV Guitar Amplifiers

Line 6 has launched the Spider IV, the company's latest line of modeling amplifiers for guitarists. The new amplifier line includes the most advanced Line 6 amp modeling to date as well as many fresh features, innovations and updates inspired by its best-selling, award-winning predecessor, Spider III.

ARACOM Amplifiers introduces the PRX150-Pro

The PRX150-Pro is a power attenuator designed to be used with tube amplifiers and it allows guitarist to achieve the much desired "fully cranked up" tone from their tube amp, but at more practical volume levels. Utilizing its unique and innovative "Speaker Resonance Thru" (SRT) technology, the PRX150-Pro allows the speaker to fully maintain its natural reactance. As a result, the PRX150-Pro allows the amplifier's original, "cranked up" tone to be maintained at reduced volume levels.

V3 LED Backlighting Option from Carvin

Carvin has added an innovative new option to our V3 Series head, half-stacks and full-stacks. The new V3LED option adds style to the V3 by allowing you to assign your channels with brilliant LEDs from hot red to cool blue to warm amber or any combination up to 7 colors. The LED colors change according to how you program them when you switch channels. You can see a video demo of this new feature right here.

Marshall introduces Class 5 1x10

Marshall have announced the Class 5 amp, a 5-watt all-tube combo. The amp keeps it simple with a stripped-down feature set that includes only four knobs - Volume, Treble, Mids and Bass. Marshall says that despite its small size, the Class 5 will be capable of a wide range of sounds, from sparkling cleans to thick, full crunch and soaring lead tones. It also responds well to a turn of the guitar's volume knob, allowing for a dynamic playing experience.

Port City Amps releases the Sahana Amp

The Sahana is a single channel amp with two footswitchable gain stages. With this feature you have the flexibility of a two channel amp. From semi-clean to all out overdrive the Sahana has the ability to provide amazing tones covering many different styles.

3RD Power thinks outside the box with new Guitar Amplifier System

3RD POWER Amplifications Systems has announced the release of the HLH-100 amplification system, an all-tube guitar amplification system featuring patent-pending technologies. The all-new HLH HD100 head and HLH 312 cabinet offer superior sensitivity, complex gain structure and tonal palette designed for professional touring and recording guitarists.

Fortin Amplification releases the MEATHEAD 6-channel MIDI Tube Guitar Amp

The MEATHEAD serves up a massive 6 course meal with 6 channels of meaty MIDI programmable tones. Everything from warm luscious clean tones, barking British raunch, corpulent singing lead tones to punishing modern high gain mayhem is at your command. Feature packed with a simple & intuitive layout for ease of use. Just like our other amps, it retains all the detail of your instruments and playing dynamics. The MEATHEAD is designed for emerging musical styles and pushing the boundaries of guitar amplification.

White Horse 60 Watt Tube Amplifier launched in Red Finish

Gear4music have launched an updated version of their White Horse 60W Tube Amp, in a striking red finish. Using the same combination of a 12AX7 valve-driven half stack guitar amplifier and a 4 x 8" angled speaker cabinet that was featured on the original amp, this new edition provides both a look and a tone that will make guitarists stand out from the crowd.

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