Carvin X100B Tube Amp reissued

Carvin has reintroduced one of it's most popular guitar amps, the X100B. It originally debuted in 1982, and was later offered during a stint in 1994.

Carvin X100B

"The original X100B was a mainstay on stage and on MTV, having been used by such notable artists as Steve Vai, Craig Chaquico, Warren Cuccurullo, Frank Zappa and many others," says Carvin's website.

"Steve Vai also played through X100B amps in the 1986 film Crossroads, starring Ralph Macchio. This colorful history, as well as requests from customers, has prompted Carvin to design an all-new X100B, the Series IV."

According to their site, Series IV is offered in several versions: the X100B head, the XB412 half-stack, the XB812 full-stack, and the X212B combo. All models produce 100 watts of power, switchable to 25W or 50W. It has a clean and lead channels with master volume switchable to boost mode and a 4 button footswitch with LED indicators (Channel, Effects, Reverb, Boost).


- Dual channels: Clean & Lead

- Master volume with switchable boost

- Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence and Reverb controls

- 5 band graphic EQ assignable to clean or lead channel

- 25/50/100W output switch

- Bias switch for 5881, 6L6GC or EL34

- power tubes (supplied with EL34)

- Cabinet voiced XLR balanced output

- Foot switchable Effects Loop

- Four–EL3 4 & 3–12AX7A

- Vintage Carvin logo

You can buy it direct from Carvin for $700US.

For more information, please visit

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I owned one and played it through a 4x10" Marshall bottom and a Mesa Dual rectifier bottom with 2x12" Celestion Vintage 30's. The back of the speaker bottom is removable for open back, or you can seal it off. Thus: "Dual" rectifier.These 2 speaker bottoms were perfect for the Carvin 100 watt. Of course I used EL34's. What a great amp.....they call it "the poor man's Marshall". I like the tone more because it's slightly different than any Marshall. Everyone has a Marshall. If anyone has one for sale: let me know. Paul Dyckman [email protected]

i have one of these with a matching cab.

I purchased one and lucky enough I got number 23 of 100 first heads produced (of serie four) in 2008.It is signed by Carson Kiesel president of Carvin.I like it but it's not quite as loud as I would expect... I'm not sure I'll keep it. Eric, Quebec, canada, [email protected] I also have a 4x12 cab with rocket 50's

my 1986 x100b full stack is still keeping me happy after all these years, used on a weekly basis this amp is a legend, great tone and flexibility. The EQ has made my sound unique and noticed by other musicians. This is one of the best "british sounding" amps ever made and expect the model IV's to be of equal quality.

First off I just want to say that I think the X-100B Re-issue is the best Amp out there…. Second I would like to mention a few things on the topic of the volume with the X-100B re-issue. Ok, here it goes,… there is not a lack of volume issue with the X-100B re-issue. It has plenty of volume – you just got to understand the amp. The EQ on the X-100B re-issue is on the power-amp side. Now, the Graphic EQ has 18dB of gain – that’s 18dB …. There is only a couple dB difference between 50 watts and 100 watts. The Graphic EQ has 18dB – that is a lot. So, if you find yourself having to crank the X-100B more than what you would like and your graphic EQ is set around the 0dB area well then push that graphic EQ up – there is 18dB of extra gain there…. That = VOLUME. You can keep the same EQ setting but push those sliders up and you will notice you will have a lot more volume (This will also make people happy that have mentioned that they think the clean channel has more volume than the over-drive channel. You will find with the Graphic EQ pushed up on the Over-drive side will make it more equal to the clean channel volume).
I use my X-100B with my band and we are loud and I have plenty of volume to spare. My other Guitar Player uses a Mesa MK IV mostly and I am usually the one that has to turn down. So, I do not think there is a volume issue with the X-100B re-issue at all. You just gotta understand the amp and just what a GREAT amp it is. There is SO MUCH Tweakability with the X-100B that it is a total Tone Lovers dream. The one thing nice about being able to really push the X-100B is that sweet spot is easily attainable. All TUBE Amps have their sweet spot, and in order to find that sweet spot you must push the amp. This means crankin it up. Now with some amps that are ridiculously loud at 1 this is hard to do without using some kind of compensation (power soak). The X-100B Re-issue does not need this as you have not only endless tone Tweak-ability but also Volume Tweakability. You can dial in just how much you want to push that power-amp. The X-100B = TONE!

I'm looking into getting one!!! I like combos for portability so that might be what I get!!!

I've got an original MKIII X60-B with the tolex and 6l6's. I spent the last few weeks hunting for the ultimate amp and was about to buy a $4000 hand built PTP, class A boutique amp. Then I found this Carvin in a little 2nd hand music shop and it blew my head off! These amps are absolute sleepers ... the clean is better than Fender clean, the Reverb is the equal of any Fender reverb I ever heard and the drive channel is like an 800 Marshall but different, more open and a bit looser ... I LOVE IT!

These MKII's are incredible ... best amp I ever played and I chose THIS over a huge array of high end boutique amps; that tell you something?

How can you tell if you have am original X100b? Cause I just bought one(for a very good price I may add) and it has a carpet finish to it instead of tolex so I just assumed it was original since it's all old looking.

i have one tough times have to sell it ....first 800.00 takes [email protected] stack with cover and wheels

i have a series four, I'm not totally happy with it i cant get the distortion i want out of the amp, alot of people run effects through these i dont like to use alot of effects, the distortion is good i just want more out of it, i do really like this amp, i think i'll have it moded there are some good high gain mods for this amp out there

Carvin x100b for sale

I currently have a x100b series iv for sale on ebay check it out!

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