Peavey Joe Satriani JSX Mini Colossal amp now available

Peavey and guitar hero Joe Satriani proudly introduce the JSX Mini Colossal, an authentically vintage, miniature class-A marvel. The Mini Colossal is the third amplifier in the popular Peavey JSX Series.

Joe Satriani Signature JSX Mini Colossal Amp

The JSX Mini Colossal combines a 12AX7 preamp tube and an EL84 power tube in a class-A topology that has no negative feedback. The new Peavey-exclusive Power Sponge™ output attenuator continuously adjusts the power output of the amplifier from 5 watts to 0 watts while maintaining the distortion characteristics of the class-A power amp at any volume level.

A built-in transformer-balanced XLR direct output with a unique microphone simulator allows players to send the amplifier signal to a recording device or front-of-house mix without the use of a microphone, while an onboard optical tremolo circuit with speed and intensity adjustments adds a vintage-amp vibe.

“There’s a dynamic thing happening with class-A amps that is completely different from modern-style amplifiers,” said Satriani. “A modern amp like the JSX Head allows you tons of gain, regardless of the amount of pressure you play with, but when you play through a class-A amp and hit a note very lightly, it doesn’t sound like it has any gain behind it. With each little increment of force that you add to the picking stroke, the amp goes into more and more overdrive.

“I found that when I write, I get myself into situations where a class-A amp is what I need to make the track work. That led us to create the Mini Colossal. It provides an entirely different guitar dynamic from the three-channel JSX, yet it’s very complementary on recordings where I used the amps together. Artistically, it fit what I was trying to convey.”

The JSX Mini Colossal is available now from authorized Peavey retailers.

Features · Designed by Peavey and Joe Satriani · Pure Class A operation · One 12AX7/ECC83 tube and one EL84/6BQ5 tube · 5 watts (rms) into 4, 8 or 16 ohms (selectable impedance) · Power Sponge attenuator, adjustable from 0 to 5 watts · Preamp volume w/ tone control · Effects loop · Optical tremolo circuit · Microphone-simulated, transformer-balanced XLR direct output · XLR ground lift · Custom 8" speaker · Single input · U.S. MSRP $599.99


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I see allot of good things about this amp.
the power sponge being the biggest plus.
when you live in a house that has people with sensitive ears, you look for answers.
this might be one.
checking it out as soon as I can find one in town.

This amp sounds incredible! I've now had it for a couple of months and I love it more and more. I do find that the controls are tight. For clean I have the preamp volume at half of one and adjust the power sponge attenuator for desired volume. The tone is wicked. For a nice distortion sound that beats any Boss distortion pedal, I have the preamp volume anywhere from 2 to 8, and again adjust the power sponge for desired volume. As for the 8 inch speaker, I think it sounds great. Mind you, I live in a an apartment and have to respect my neighbors so as far as how it sounds at higher volumes I'm not too sure. But at low volumes, normal talking levels for example, it sounds great. As for the tremolo circuit, I don't care to even use it much just because my playing style doesn't really incorporate it.
What I don't like about it is that you have to reach behind the amp to adjust the main volume or shall I say the power sponge attenuator for desired listening volume. But this is a minor annoyance and wouldn't deter me from replacing this amp if something happened to it.

Okay, it's me again - Rick, I just tested this JSX mini Colossal at a buddy's place and had the opportunity to crank the little amp right up. Wow! This thing has incredible tone to it. I still prefer that vintage clean sound and to do that with this amp means running the preamp volume from 1/2 to 1 with the power sponge attenuator cranked up creates a tone that I really like. For distortion, just crank the preamp volume to 2 or greater.

If you want more clean headroom simply replace the stock 12AX7 (Ecc83) with a quality lower gain tube, 12AT7 (Ecc81) is the best mix for me, sponge giving the full 5 watts I can crank the volume up to about 2.5 and stay sparkly clean, with a 12AU7 (Ecc82) its cleaner still and MUCH warmer, drawback is you lose about 2/3's of your overall volume, and lastly I've tried a 12DW7 (Ecc832), its hybrid between the 12AU and 12AX7, the side that drives the power tube is the AX, while the input is the AU, in theory it should be warm and clean at full output, in practice its about halfway there, its not as warm as an actual AU ( though the AU I used was relic philco from way back when) and the overall output still seems pretty low, significantly lower than the AX or AT, while the AT is a bit lower gain, its still a pretty hot tube. For everyday use I'm running a JJ gold pin 12AT7(ECC81) and have been very pleased, much more clean headroom and you can still make it blister, I also reccomend picking up a 12AU, the warmth alone is very useful for recording.

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