Line 6 Spider V Series Amplifiers

Line 6 finally unveils the new Spider V series, the latest iteration of their popular entry level amplifier line, with upgraded amp and effects modeling and other extra features.

Line 6 Spider V Series

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Love them or hate them, the Spider series is easily among the top selling amp in the market, so the details of this new version is very much interesting to guitarists everywhere, and I'm sure their competitors are eagerly anticipating as well.

Everyone is expecting the new Spider V amps to come with even more features, specifically in the amp and effects modeling department, and with the information that they gave out, it looks like Line 6 did not disappoint. They list the Spider V as having over 200 amps, cabs and effects to choose from, and it breaks down into 78 amp models, 23 cabinets, and 101 effects. For the price, the Spider Amp V will have the more models than any amp within its price range, so it will definitely take quite a while to go through all the models, let alone trying out the many ways of combining them.

Line 6 specifically mentioned that the DSP of these new amps will allow up to 8 effects and cabinet model combinations, giving you access to long virtual signal chains, without the bulk and weight of actual physical equipment - and not to mention the price tag. This alone makes the Spider V a serious contender, at least on paper.

To help beginners in finding their initial tones, each Spider V amp will come with 128 presets that are based on actual artist tones as heard on popular tracks, as well as on the actual known rigs of famous guitarists. Some of the presets are even artist-designed or approved. So instead of building your virtual rig from scratch, you can load up the preset that's closest to the tone you prefer and tweak the parameters until you are satisfied.

Teachers and students of the guitar will appreciate that the Spider V Series come with built in tuner and metronome, both of which are great practice tools for honing chops. Line 6 even went as far as adding drum loop sample straight into the amp in case you want to jam with a virtual rhythm section.

Other nifty features mentioned include built-in wireless receiver that works with Line 6 Relay G10T and other select Line 6 wireless transmitters, free companion mobile up, and it comes with Cubase LE music recording software. Finally, the amps feature full-range speakers that also works great with acoustic guitars and other instruments.

While it does look good spec wise, the initial demo video of the new Spider V Series amps have been getting quite the beating from guitarists. See and hear for yourself by watching the demo vide below:

While it's not yet available for shipping, some online retailers already have them listed in anticipation. The Spider V series will come in four different models with different watt ratings, the smallest is a 30 Watt combo, next is a 60 Watts, then there's a loud 120 Watt version, and finally the biggest of the series features a 240 Watt amplifier housed inside a big combo amp configuration. The price range of the Spider amps start $200 and while the top of the line model is priced at just under $500

For more information on the new Line Spider V Series amplifiers, you can head over to Line 6.

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