Randall Amps launches Michael Amott Signature Stack

Randall Amplifiers will be launching a new Signature Series stack called the Ninja V2, which is designed and inspired by Arch Enemy lead guitarist Michael Amott.

Michael Amott Signature Stack

Michael Amott, born in England and raised in the south of Sweden, began playing guitar as a young teenager. Initially inspired by the furious sounds of the 80’s thrash/speed metal scene, he has listed guitarists such as Frank Marino, Dave Mustaine, and Michael Schenker as his influences. Amott's style features a wide vibrato, memorable melodic lead lines, furious sledgehammer riffs, and a love for twin guitar harmonies. Said Amott of designing the V2 Ninja stack, “Working with Randall on the Ninja V2 amp has been nothing short of amazing. These guys are as crazy about the search for crushing tone as I am. I believe I have found my ideal partners in crime!”

Jody Dankberg, Director of Marketing and Artist Relations at Randall Amplifiers, who had the opportunity to work with Amott throughout the development process of the stack said, “Mike Amott is an amazing player and a huge influence to younger generations. Working with Mike has been a great pleasure to all of us here at Randall. His limited edition half stack sounds and looks incredible. It is a huge honor to have him on our artist roster.”

The V2 Ninja Head offers a three channel head which includes a classic solid state clear channel, a classic Randall overdrive channel and an all-tube pre amp channel with “Attack” & “Bright”. It will also feature a midi assignable 6-band graphic EQ and parallel effects loop, a master volume control, power amp density and presence controls and RUBY 12AX7AC5HG pre amp tube. The V2 Ninja Head will retail for $1,599.00. The matching cabinet is a G12H-100 Celestion speaker cabinet and will retail for $1,199.00.

For more information on Randall Amplifiers, visit www.randallamplifiers.com

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$1600 for a solid state head. At this price they will sell 2!!!!!!
One to Mike's best mate and his cousin.

Come on Randall. Time to get back to reality. Solid State is dead. Even Dimebag went back to tubes.
Marshall even stopped building the ModeFour cause everyone said it sucked.

Anyone with an idea of tone will tell you Solid is for the bedroom, nothing more.

Your obviously clueless to what Randall offers. They combine both solid state and tubes in a package that just floors you! I can guarantee you that if you were to hear a tube amp and a quality Randall(such as the V2), you could not hear the difference in a million years. Hell, I just read a test done just like this. End result was that the people who thought they could tell the difference, didn't pick the tube amps over the solid states.

I own a Marshall 2203kk and a V2. The tubes on my JCM800KK need to be pushed to be heard and agree with the first part of your bedroom comment. However, the V2 is awesome at any levels. Period. Don't knock a product if you don't know what your talking about.

I am proud owner of V2. Here in Bosnia for 1,750.00 USD Randall V2 is the best choice for that money. And at the end with my V2 I blow away Marshall JCM2000 DSL with no problems. It is louder, sound is more concrete and it looks better :) ... and Marshall is 30-40 % more expensive.

What to say than V2 is great modern piece of technology for good hi gain guitar sound.

i love solid state amps i play my peavey badnit alot more than my hughes and kettner.i agree with you about the dsl's they sound like crap and the new marshall cabs are full of saw dust plus they cant even tighten the screws up in them.

That old "all tube amps are awesome, all solid state amps suck" wives tale goes back to the 60s, when Fender tried to experiment with solid state amps, which were disastrous, and Thomas Organ manufactured Vox amps for sale in the United States to cash in on the British Invasion and the American love for all things Beatle. The Thomas Organ Voxs sounded horrible. But anybody who asserts that all solid state amps lack warmth and responsiveness obviously never heard a Kustom tuck-and-roll, favored by bands like CCR right alongside their Blackface Fenders. The truth of the matter is GREAT AMPS SOUND GREAT. An el34 or a 12ax7 is not a magic feather to great tone and moral authority. I trust what my ears tell me.

This thing drips with agression !!! thank u micheal . i was privileged to play on this and i think it is the best amp i ever used

dbulbbuss is right

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