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Squier Eva Gardner Precision Bass

Squier introduces the Eva Gardner Precision Bass, a traditional style P Bass with special graphics based on her tattoos.

Fretlight Bass FB-525

Fretlight Guitar releases the FB-525, their first electric bass guitar with their LED lit fretboard technology.

Takamine G Series Acoustic Bass

Takamine adds two new solid-top acoustic bass guitars to their G Series lineup, the GB72CE and GB30CE.

New Fender Dimension Bass Guitars

Fender expands their Dimension series bass guitars with new models, featuring new pickup design and electronics.

New Finishes for Warwick RockBass Alien

Warwick announces the availability of black and sunburst finishes for the RockBass Alien Deluxe and Standard.

Fender Limited Geddy Lee 1972 Jazz Bass

Fender Custom Shop carefully studied Geddy Lee's famous black '72 Jazz bass and releases limited run replicas.

Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision Bass

Fender and Green Day's bassist teams up once more for another signature, the Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision Bass.

2013 Squire Vintage Modified Bass Guitars

Squier expands their Vintage Modified line with a mixture of upgraded and new affordable 4 and 5 string bass guitars.

Squier Vintage Modified Bass VI

Headlining Squier's newest bass guitars is the Vintage Modified Bass VI, based on the early '60 six string bass guitar.

New Fender Modern Player Bass Guitars

Three new Fender Modern Player bass guitars are now available, the Modern Player Dimension Bass, Modern Player Jazz Bass and Modern Player Jazz Bass V.

Fender Cabronita Precision Bass

Fender interjects modern design into the classic P Bass, resulting in the new Fender Carbonita Precision Bass.

Fender Limited Relic 1955 Precision Bass

The Fender Limited Relic 1955 Precision Bass is one of the latest aged-look instrument from Fender Custom Shop.

Warren Ellis Signature Tenor 2P

The Warren Ellis Signature Tenor 2P is the two pickup version of one of Eastwood Guitar's popular artist instrument.

Yamaha TRBX505 5-String Bass

Yamaha introduces the TRBX505 5-String Bass, featuring a solid mahogany body with active/passive preamp switching.

Cheap Bass Guitar Roundup

The quality of cheap bass guitars is on an upward trend as technology makes more efficient materials and construction methods available.

Ibanez Grooveline G106

Ibanez announces the availability of the new Grooveline G106 6-string Bass, featuring a unique shape designed for balance and comfortable playing.

Ibanez BTB1406 Premium 6-String Bass

Ibanez expands its high-end BTB series of bass guitars with a new six-string model, the BTB1406.

NAMM 2013 - Gibson Les Paul Standard Bass

Gibson makes the famous Les Paul body design available to bassists, with the new Les Paul Standard Bass.

2013 New Fender American Vintage Series Basses

Fender expands their American Vintage Series Basses with four new models, evoking the vintage look, feel and sound of basses from the late '50s to the early '70s.

Vintage ViolinBass Series VVB4SB

The new Vintage Violin Bass VVB4SB comes in a familiar violin like shape, the latest JHS Vintage ReIssued bass.

Gibson Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass

Gibson introduces the Thunderbird Non-Reverse Bass, featuring a unique asymmetrical offset body shape.

Gibson EB Bass

The Gibson EB Bass is a 4 string bass guitar that comes a contoured double cutaway body with coil-tapping humbuckers.

Fender Nate Mendel P Bass

Fender honors the Foo Fighters bassist with the new Nate Mendel P Bass, based on his favorite 1971 Precision Bass.

Gretsch G5442BDC Electromatic Short Scale Bass

The Gretsch G5442BDC Electromatic is a short scale hollow body bass, equipped with Black Top Filter’Tron pickups

Gibson Grabber 3 '70s Tribute Bass

The Grabber 3 '70s Tribute Bass is based on the classic Gibson G3 Bass design, featuring 3 single coil bass pickups with Hum-Canceling circuitry.

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