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Hutch Hutchinson and Reggie McBride Endorse the Kala U-Bass

Bassists Hutch Hutchinson (Bonnie Raitt) and Reggie McBride (Keb Mo) have joined Kala’s roster of artists endorsing the Kala U-Bass.

Nylon Tapewound Bass Strings from D’Addario

D’Addario have announced their new Nylon Tapewound Bass Strings, along with Flatwound Mandolin Strings and Stainless Steel Banjo Strings, which they say have have a long-lasting life.

Fender Roger Waters Precision Bass Guitar

Just released last week and now available in stores is Fender's new Roger Waters Precision Bass Guitar. A cynical person might suggest that it's named after the legendary Pink Floyd bass player purely for marketing purposes, but Fender say it's because it's modeled on the actual bass Roger Waters played.

Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton does Endorsement Deal with D’Addario

According to their press release "D’Addario is honored to announce the newest addition to its artist roster, Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton. Hamilton, known for his long-term rhythm section position in one of the biggest rock bands of all time, prefers the quality that D’Addario strings offer."

New 5 String Bass Pickups from Aguilar

Aguilar Amplification has announced their new AG 5J-60 pickups for five-string bass.

Mansons Guitar Shop launches the John Paul Jones Signature Bass

Whether looking forward as the bassist in Them Crooked Vultures laying down a groove with Dave Grohl and Joshua Homme, or to the past as the iconic legend, riff-master and songwriter in Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones has a bass pedigree second to none.

Warwick unleashes the Corvette NT Limited Edition 2010 Bass

The Corvette NT "Neck-Through" Limited Edition 2010 Bass combines a modern ergonomic style with the tone from the great 60's and 70's vintage J-bass. The light swamp ash body provides warm tone and a fat foundation, while the neck-through design, with a hard maple neck, brings tight attack and sustain. A luxurious dark ziricote top is used for the body and matched headstock.

Introducing the Ibanez BTB 675 and BTB 676

The concepts behind boutique basses are often the justification for making them extremely expensive. With the advent of the BTB however, Ibanez decided that these same concepts of well-selected body materials, 35” neck scale, and deep cutaways could be applied to an instrument that anyone could afford. All the BTBs feature neck-thru construction and deeper cutaways for enhanced playability and balance.

Fender introduces new American Deluxe Series Basses

The latest incarnations of Fender's acclaimed American Deluxe series bass guitar models are designed to deliver high-tech cutting-edge tone, tradition and innovation to the modern bassist.

Warwick Alien Acoustic Bass now available as 5-String

The Warwick Alien Acoustic Bass is now available as a 5-string instrument.

Gear4music debuts Electro Acoustic Bass Guitar

Gear4music has added an Electro Acoustic Bass Guitar to its range of popular, superb value instruments. Maintaining the company’s focus on producing gear that offers professional features yet is highly affordable, the Electro Acoustic Bass is the perfect instrument for any bassist wishing to expand their sound palette with a bigger, warmer tone.

Warwick presents the Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass

Warwick is proud to acknowledge its new affiliation with Robert Trujillo. In honor of this momentous occasion Warwick will be issuing a Robert Trujillo Streamer Signature Bass. The bass itself will feature a quicksilver or turquoise blue chrometone finish, giving it a metallic shine that, like Rob, demands center stage on any gig. The increased mass of the neck, special nut width and active EMG pickups and Bartolini 3-band electronics invite you to play at full throttle. The neck and body are both made of Maple, lending it an incredibly tight tone. Even the fastest licks and heaviest chords, for which Rob is notorious, are clear and powerful. Rob especially likes the comfort and the sleek design of the body which makes you become one with the resonance of the instrument.

Schecter debuts Raiden Special and Raiden Elite Basses

Schecter Guitars has debuted the Raiden Special and Raiden Elite Basses for the feature driven, price conscious player. Showcased at Winter NAMM, the Raidens are the newest edition to the brood of basses coming out of Schecter. With 34" scale, 6-bolt necks, these babies pack a serious punch and gorgeous tops.

Presenting the Johnson JB-24 Deep Body Jumbo Bass

Johnson Guitars has introduced the JB-24 Deep Body Jumbo Bass for players looking for the warm tone of an acoustic bass but with an EQ pickup for amplified playing.

Introducing the Epiphone Thunderbird Pro Basses

Building upon the long-term success of the Thunderbird bass, Epiphone introduces the new professional series Thunderbird PRO's. Available in both 4 and 5 string versions, THE original "rock and roll" bass with the distinctive shape combines traditional design elements with new technology - all for a price that the working bassist can afford.

Introducing the Corvette $$ Special Edition Makassar

Makassar is a dark, warm sounding wood belonging to the species of ebony woods and can be found on the Corvette $$ Special Edition Makassar. The body of this particular special edition is made from Swamp Ash with a 3/8" Makassar top. Features include a matched headstock, Bolt-on Ovangkol neck and Tigerstripe Ebony fingerboard. The instrument is sealed with a Natural Oil finish. Black hardware adds a nice touch to the overall look of the instrument.

Schecter unveils the Diamond-P Custom Bass

Schecter Guitars had unveiled the Diamond-P Custom Bass. The touring/recording professional bassist will find the classic 34” scale double cutaway silhouette in Alder, perfect for classic tones to aggressive modern sounds. Completely retooled, the Diamond-P Custom with Schecter’s proprietary Super Rock humbucker (bridge) and Monster Tone II (neck) pickups allow for full control over tonal approaches.

New Veneers for Mayfield and Star Bass II

Warwick and Framus are famous for using various types of precious woods for the tops and bodies of their spectacular special edition solid-body instruments. Now however, it is possible to choose from a wide selection of precious wood-types for Framus Mayfield and Warwick Star Bass II semi-hollow body instruments. Precious woods can be used for the top, bottom and sides each and a matched headstock is possible, creating a valuable single copy built by the Warwick Custom Shop.

New Pedulla Bass option announced

An optional “finger ramp” is now available on new Pedulla bass guitars (fretted or fretless).

Arnoud Faber introduces the Faber PaddleBass

Arnoud Faber has started building a newly designed bass in series: The Faber PaddleBass. It is described as a 'pragmatic bass guitar with very distinctive looks, sound and playability'. The main objectives for the design were functionality, ergonomics and sound. Compared to other designer-build basses it's quite affordable, too.

Pedulla Guitars introduces the Nuance Bass

Pedulla Guitars has announced a new addition to their line of bass guitars, the Nuance. The aptly named guitar was designed as a responsive extension for the player's artistic and tonal subtleties and techniques. It has been fully field tested with a number of Pedulla Artists, including Tim Landers, Mark Egan, and David Buda. Tim Landers used the Nuance live and in the studio and sums up the sound saying, "It exudes a boutique quality but with a much more useful array of tones. A bass that not only sounds fantastic on it's own but remains punchy and distinct even through a dense mix, a winning combination for me!”

Gadow Guitars reintroduces the Custom and Classic Bass

Gadow Guitars has announced the re-introduction of their Bass guitars . They have come out with the newly designed Basses after production stopped on their first generation design in 2006. The Basses are being built in their work shop in Durham, NC. The new Basses are offered in two configurations, the Custom and Classic. The Custom comes standard with swamp ash body, figured maple top, and active Bartolini pickups and pre-amps. The stripped down version is offered as the Classic and comes standard with swamp ash body and passive Bartolini pickups.

Industrial Radio releases 4-string MIDI Bass

The Industrial Radio Midi Bass combines classic bass design with onboard MIDI tracking technology to provide bassists with low latency MIDI tracking.The Midi Bass offers cutting-edge bassists the opportunity to accurately control synthesizer and sampler technology direct from the bass, both in the studio and live.

Carvin debuts its latest bass model the SB4000

Carvin has debuted its newest bass model, the SB4000. Designed in conjunction with noted bassist Sekou Bunch, the SB4000 represents a significant departure from our other bolt-neck basses. The SB4000 has a vintage vibe, with a completely new body and headstock design, and other options that make this model an instant retro classic.

Introducing the Kingman Bass SCE

Fender presents what is very likely its most distinctive acoustic bass guitar model ever, the Kingman Bass SCE. Fender has issued a handful of acclaimed acoustic basses in recent years, all with the traditional two-on-each-side tuner scheme on the headstock. What immediately distinguishes the Kingman Bass SCE, however, is its Fender Jazz Bass neck and headstock.

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