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New Tobias Growler Bass from Gibson USA

Started by famed luthier Michael Tobias in the mid ’70s, Tobias basses have always found their way into the hands of world-renowned bassists like Bootsy Collins, Jimmy Haslip, Dave Pomeroy, Dave Baumberger, David Bonk, Dean Back, Mario Guini, Vernon Heard, Duane Propes, Kern Brantley, Del Atkins and Volley Craig. Thirty-plus years later, the quality and precision of a Tobias bass has reached new heights in the new 2009 Limited Run Series Tobias Growler from Gibson USA.

Axl unveils the new Marquee Capricorn Bass

The original design of the Capricorn bass combines classic elements with modern appointments to appeal to players who appreciate vintage style but want a bass that sets them apart from the rest.

Rees introduces lightweight F-Light Bass

The new Rees F-Light bass guitar is being made in Cambridge, England. It has been designed as a full-size performing musician's instrument that is very light, of relatively small overall size, and comfortable to play when standing or sitting. The exceptionally long upper horn for the strap, and the zero overhang of the lower bout beyond the bridge, brings the whole neck closer to the player's body. This makes the bass feel less long, and easier to play. It is much appreciated by women, and men with shorter arms, but is also more comfortable for anybody. The F-Light weighs only 6 lbs, compared to a traditional bass guitar of 10 lbs.

Presenting the limited run Gibson Grabber II Bass

In 1973 the Gibson bass came out of the shadows in the form of the Grabber G1, a rock-minded four-string that grabbed the attention of bassists everywhere. Its sleek design was matched by a thick and heavy, yet well-defined tone, and thousands of players found its blend of simplicity and versatility very hard to ignore. The model has been out of the Gibson catalog since 1982, but it’s back again, thanks to the new Grabber II, now available as part of Gibson USA’s new Limited Run Series guitars. The Grabber II — like all Limited Run Series models — will be produced in a strictly limited run of only 350 guitars.

Mike Lull Custom Guitars introduces the T-Bass

Mike Lull Custom Guitars has introduced the T-Bass model four string bass. The T-Bass has a mahogany body and neck. The neck is a bolt-on and has a standard 1-1/2" J-style nut width with a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard and black headstock. Like all Mike Lull basses, the neck is graphite re-enforced to eliminate dead spots. The body has a raised center section and is contoured for maximum comfort. The bass balances perfectly and has absolutely no headstock dive.

Citron Guitars release three new models

Citron Guitars are launching three new models at NAMM 09. The HG, the AGE-12 and 4-string J Bass. The Citron HG is 2 1/2″ thick, mostly hollow Acoustic/Electric 6-string guitar, whose body is Mahogany, with a Quilted Maple top, one-piece Mahogany neck with Rosewood fingerboard. The bridge is Rosewood with a wide custom-compensated bone nut, and strings go through the body. The pickups are custom-blended humbuckers that I personally wind by hand in a formula using multiple gauges of wire in each pickup. Each pickup is voiced for its position.

Rees 5bass bass guitar now available

The Rees 5bass bass guitar uses novel bridges and new pickups. A well balanced sound across all five strings has been achieved by using individual bridge pieces for each string; by having a very strong and stiff neck which does not damp low notes; and by using a new pickup set designed specifically for 5 string basses by Seymour Duncan.

Magnus Performer 5 bass unveiled by U.S. Masters

U.S. Masters has unveiled the new Magnus Performer 5 High Performance bass guitar. The advanced design provides significant improvements in sound quality and playability over conventionally designed basses. Though fully American made, Magnus Performer 5 is competitively priced with higher-end imports.

Parker Guitars announces the PAB40 acoustic/electric bass

Parker Guitars has announced the addition of the PAB40 to its acoustic/electric bass line.

Luna Guitars introduces Paz Lenchantin Signature Bass

Luna Guitars has announced the introduction of the Paz Lenchantin Signature Bass. Lenchantin is best known for her playing as a member of A Perfect Circle (with Maynard James Keenan of Tool) and in the super-group Zwan (with the Smashing Pumpkins' founder, Billy Corgan). The bass was a collaboration between the artist and Luna's designers, and the result is a stunning instrument — both sonically and aesthetically — that is as vibrant to look at as it is to play.

Yamaha Guitars is now shipping RBX5 A2 and RBX4 A2M Basses

Yamaha Guitars is now shipping two new electric bass guitar models that incorporate the company's proprietary Alternative Internal Resonance (A.I.R.) technology, which provides the sonic properties of a heavier, traditional-style instrument without the weight.

Spector offers limited edition NS-2JA-R Basses

Spector's NS-2JA-R is a limited edition reissue of the company's NS-2JA from 1983 and features the original Spector NS curved body design and NS-2JA deep-inset neck pocket design. Other features include a maple body, chrome hardware (Leo Quan bridge, Schaller tuners) and EMG active J pickups with EMG BT active tone controls.

LACE unveils Helix bass guitars

LACE Music Products has announced its worldwide introduction of the Lace Helix line of bass guitars. These original and patented Helix design basses are part of the new 'Lace Red Label Series' of designs, by Don Lace.

AXL Badwater Series guitars now for bass

AXL Badwater Series guitars are now available for bass players.

Ibanez 20th Anniversary basses

Crafted entirely in Japan, the Ibanez 20th Anniversary basses celebrating the groundbreaking SR (“Soundgear”) series will leave the factory with Elixir Strings. The 20th Anniversary models feature a mahogany body with wenge/bubinga neck, Gotoh precision machine heads, and Ibanez’s famous Vari-Mid EQ—which remains the manufacturer’s most popular EQ system for basses—for full bass tone and exceptional versatility.

Squier introduces trio of new artist model basses, I have a rant

Squier has introduced a trio of new Artist Model signature basses bearing the famous names and designs of Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, Anthrax's Frank Bello and Green Day's Mike Dirnt.

Extinction looms for Warwick P-Nut II Signature Bass

"The P-Nut II Signature Bass is selling out fast" says Warwick on their website. "If you have been planning on ordering one you will need to move quickly. We got chastized for not informing everyone when the P-Nut I was close to selling out, so we are trying to do a better job this time."

Fender releases Victor Bailey Five-String Acoustic Bass

First-call session bassist Victor Bailey and Fender are proud to announce the release of his popular signature acoustic bass in a five-string version. Introduced in 2005, the Artist Design Series Victor Bailey Acoustic Bass guitar features a beautiful arched back, figured dao body, abalone rosette, tortoise shell binding, a bound 34"-scale neck that replicates Victor's signature Fender electric bass, gold Hipshot licensed lightweight tuners (Three-Over, Two-Under tuning machine array), Fishman electronics and a deluxe gig bag.

Ernie Ball's one of a kind Tony Levin Bass

Ernie Ball is auctioning off a 20th Anniversary Stingray 5 bass made for renowned bassist Tony Levin. The auction ends on May 20. This Trans Black work of art was commissioned at the 2007 Winter NAMM show for Levin to use on his upcoming tours with Todd Rundgren and Peter Gabriel.

New Two-Pickup MM series basses from OLP

Following the footsteps of the dual pickup Music Man Sterling, OLP has introduced its own two pick up MM series basses. With the added tonal versatility of a second pickup, the 4-string MM22 and 5-string MM-23 may deliver the perfect foundation you've been looking for.

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