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Gibson Les Paul Custom Lite

Gibson introduces the Les Paul Custom Lite, featuring the same shape with traditional weight relief, made thinner.

Dean Dave Mustaine VMNT Double Neck Diadem

Dean Guitars announces the availability of the 2013 Dave Mustaine Signature VMNT Double Neck guitar with Custom Diadem art finish.

Gibson 1957 Les Paul Goldtop Reissue

Gibson introduces another reissue of the iconic 1957 Les Paul Goldtop, in celebration of Gibson Custom's 20th anniversary.

Epiphone Limited Edition Genesis Deluxe Pro

Epiphone re-issues the Genesis Deluxe Pro, retaining its unique double-cutaway shape with upgraded coil-tap circuitry.

Reverend Six Gun 2.5

Reverend Guitars introduces the Six Gun 2.5, a limited run electric guitar model that mixes Strat and Tele elements.

Washburn P4

Washburn Guitars is bringing back one of their popular models from the '90s, the unique looking Washburn P4.

ErnieBall MusicMan Armada

ErnieBall MusicMan comes up with a unique looking neck-through-body guitar with a V-shape maple top, the Armada.

EVH Striped Series

EVH Gear introduces the EVH Striped Series, affordable production models of Van Halen's famous striped Frankenstrat.

G&L ASAT Classic 'S' Alnico

The G&L team from Fullerton introduces the ASAT Classic 'S' Alnico, featuring three Alnico single-coil pickups.

Jackson Chris Broderick Soloist 7

Jackson introduces the Chris Broderick Soloist 7, a seven-string metal guitar co-designed by Megadeth's famed virtuoso.

Roland G-5A VG Stratocaster

Fender teams up with Roland to create the G-5A VG Stratocaster, a traditional Strat with built in COSM audio processing.

NAMM 2013 - Fender Ritchie Blackmore Tribute Stratocaster

Fender Custom Shop introduces the 2013 limited edition Ritchie Blackmore Tribute Stratocaster, a tribute Deep Purple's iconic guitarist.

NAMM 2013 - Godin Acousticaster 40th Anniversary

The Godin limited edition 40th Anniversary Acousticaster is the highlight of Godin's anniversary celebration at Winter NAMM 2013.

Gibson intervenes on Guitar Travel Mishap

Gibson intervenes on a guitar travel mishap, where a vintage gutiar was broken by Delta Airlines' baggage handlers.

Fender Select Telecaster Thinline

After closing down Hamer, Fender expands their Select Series with the Fender Select Telecaster Thinline, along with four new models.

Schecter TSH-1 Classic

The TSH-1 Classic is a part of Schecter's new 2013 models, featuring a retro look that contrasts their usual super-strats.

Epiphone Les Paul and SG Beginner Guitar Packs

Epiphone launches three new beginner guitar packs - the Les Paul Player Pack, Les Paul Performance Pack and the SG Performance Pack.

Archtop Jazz Guitars

Take a look at the archtop jazz guitars that top cats use, great instruments to start your own quest of finding your jazzbox.

Gretsch Billy Duffy Falcon Guitar

Gretsch introduces the G7593T Billy Duffy Falcon Signature Guitar, a '70s era silver themed variation of the White Falcon.

Fender 2013 Custom Shop Collection

Fender starts the year early with the announcement of their new 2013 Custom Collection Guitars and Basses.

Carbon Fiber Guitar Roundup

Here are the coolest carbon fiber guitars today, lightweight and roadworthy instruments built with modern materials and crafting techniques.

Cheap Electric Guitar Roundup

Get great sounding quality instruments at ridiculously low prices, with our Cheap Electric Guitar Buyers Guide.

Epiphone Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les Paul Limited Edition

Epiphone introduces the limited edition Tommy Thayer Spaceman Les Paul, available in Stage-played or Custom-Autographed packages.

Schecter Damien Platinum Collection

Schecter Guitar Research introduces their latest electric guitar series - the Damien Platinum Collection, featuring 6, 7 and 8 string models.

Gadow Guitars - The Bird

The Bird is Gadow Guitar's latest handmade instrument, a homage to the classic FireBird model made in the '60s.

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