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New Fender American Vintage Series

Fender revamps its American Vintage Series with an all-new batch of electric guitars that recreate the feel and vibe of their '50s to mid '60s era instruments.

Ibanez S920

The Ibanez S920 is part of the Premium sub-division of their S-series, featuring enhanced playability, EMG pickups and carved top aesthetics.

Fender Cabronita Telecaster

Fender unveils its production line Cabronita Telecaster, an affordable version of the Cabronita Telebration series guitar, featuring Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups.

Suhr Limited Edition Korina Flame

Suhr unveils the Limited Edition Korina Flame, these are fine looking HSS configuration Strat clones that highlight the elegance of Korina tonewood.

Epiphone Limited Edition ES 335 Pro

The Epiphone Limited Edition ES 335 Pro modernizes the traditional ES-335 semi-hollow design, with its coil-tapping humbuckers.

LTD Bela Lugosi Dracula Guitar - ESP Horror Themed Guitars

ESP guitars unveiled the LTD Bela Lugosi Dracula Guitar, their first horror-themed guitar after getting a licensing agreement with Lugosi Enterprises.

De Gier Surfer - Crowdsourced Strat

De Gier Guitars unveil the Surfer guitar, a crowdsourced strat combining the suggestions of guitarists and De Gier's construction ideas.

Esoterik DR3 Hand Crafted Electric Guitar

Esoterik Guitars expands on the Dave Refett signature series with a third and lightweight model, the Esoterik DR3.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilt Top Pro

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Quilt Top Pro offers another affordable alternative to the modern Les Paul, featuring AAA quilt maple veneer tops.

Electric Beamer II - Guitar Made from BMW Engine

The Electric Beamer II from AM Guitars is a one-of-a-kind guitar made from recycled materials, specifically a BMW's engine intake manifold.

Gibson Midtown Standard P-90

The Gibson Midtown Standard P-90 features a smaller ES-335 like semi-hollow body, equipped with P-90 pickups.

Jackson Adrian Smith Signature SDX

Jackson teams up with Iron Maiden's axe wielder once more to develop an affordable heavy metal super strat - the Adrian Smith Signature SDX.

Gretsch G5422DC-12 12-String Hollow Body

The Gretsch G5422DC-12 is a 12-string hollow body guitar from the Electromatic series, equipped with Black Top Filter'Tron pickups.

Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1969 Relic Stratocaster

The Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1969 Relic Stratocaster comes with a moderately aged finish and a cool looking reverse headstock.

Gibson Grace Potter Signature Flying V at Summer NAMM 2012

Gibson unveiled the Grace Potter Signature Flying V at Summer NAMM 2012, featuring upgraded pickups and nocturnal brown nitrocellulose finish.

Vox Apache Travel Guitars

In time for Summer NAMM 2012, Vox announces the US pricing of their Apache Travel Guitars, featuring the return of classic Vox guitar shapes.

Gretsch G5420LH Electromatic Left Handed

Gretsch adds a left handed hollow-body to their Electromatic guitars, the G5420LH, featuring Black Top Filter'Tron pickups.

Danelectro Hodad Guitars 2012

The Danelectro Hodad Guitars are back in 2012, these are reissues of Danelectro's Dual-Lipstick pickup equipped guitars.

Squier Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe

Squier introduces the Vintage Modified Telecaster Deluxe, a Tele equipped with Fender designed Wide Range Humbuckers.

Fender Black Paisley Stratocaster HSS

The Fender Black Paisley Stratocaster HSS is a modified Strat with a humbucker bridge, wrapped in a swirling black paisley finish.

PRS Stripped 58

The 2011 limited run PRS Stripped 58 model is now part of Paul Reed Smith core line up of solid-body electric guitars.

G&L ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Guitars - New Models

G&L adds three new models to the Tribute Series family, ASAT Classic Bluesboy Semi-Hollow Guitar series.

G&L 2012 Special Collection Guitars

The G&L 2012 Special Collection are guitars that highlight their natural look, featuring G&L's thin "Nearly Naked" (NENA) finish.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard PlusTop Pro

The Epiphone Les Paul PlusTop Pro is a modern upgrade to the classic Les Paul design, featuring ProBucker pickups with coil tapping.

Sonic Wind CS - Open Chamber Guitar

The Sonic Wind CS is a slightly curvy new take on the Sonic Wind's modern open chamber guitar design.

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