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Parker begins shipping Limited Edition Exotic Snakeskin guitars

Parker Guitars announces the availability of Limited Edition Exotic Snakeskin guitars. The Parker US Custom Shop is producing a limited run of 50 Parker Fly Mojo guitars, each featuring genuine, farm-raised python snakeskin carefully hand-fitted to the top of the guitar body. These guitars are now shipping to select retailers, which are listed on the Parker website at www.parkerguitars.com.

New P-90 pickups from BG Pups: Vintage 90 and Hot 90

BG Pups has released two new P-90 pickup models, the Vintage 90 and the Hot 90. All of BG pickups are handwound in California and come with a lifetime warranty against defects and workmanship.

PRS Singlecut model named MIPA 'Best Electric Guitar of the Year'

Paul Reed Smith Guitars is again the recipient of a Musikmesse International Press Award (mipa). The PRS Singlecut model was the winner of the "Best Electric Guitar of the Year." Comprised of a voting panel of editors and journalists from more than 100 publications worldwide, mipa presents manufacturers with awards considered by many in the industry to be the "Grammy" of the musical instrument/pro audio industry.

New additions in Behringer iAXE USB-Guitar series

Behringer will announce the CENTARI iAXE624 and the METALIEN iAXE629 USB-Guitars. The CENTARI iAXE624 features a 22 fret hard-maple fingerboard, SSS pickup configuration, Volume and 2 Tone controls. The METALIEN iAXE629 features 24 medium jumbo frets in a rosewood fingerboard with binding and triangle inlays, SSH pickup configuration, Volume and Tone control. Both can be plugged straight into a computer and turn a PC or Mac computer into a guitar amp and recording system without the need for any other hardware.

Three new humbuckers from BG Pups

BG Pups has announced they have released three new humbucker pickup models: Smoke Stacks, P.U.F, and Lizard. "All pickups are made with the highest quality parts and the utmost care is given to the creation of my pickups. All of my pickups are hand wound and assembled by myself in my Northern California workshop" Bryan Gunsher said.

Gary Kramer releases F-1, 7-string, 36-fret guitar

The newest addition to the Delta Wing series guitars, Gary Kramer Guitar has announced the "F-1" guitar. The "F-1" guitar was named for the reason of having 1 pickup, 7 strings, and 36 frets. This "F-1" is a true wizard instrument that is not for the inexperienced.

New Guitar/POD package from Line 6

Line 6 is offering a new recording solution package, featuring the Variax 300 Electric modeling guitar (comes in Black or Sunburst colors) and the award-winning POD xt Live. Also included is the Variax Digital Interface Cable, giving you endless possibilities for your guitar sound.

New: AXL Badwater Series Guitars

AXL Badwater Series (AS-820) electric guitars feature distressed bodies, antiqued hardware, and the look and feel of relics from rare earth.

Close-up: Gibson Jimmy Page Signature Double Neck

Gibson Guitar recently announced they've partnered with legendary Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page to produce a limited-edition replica of Page’s iconic double-neck guitar. The guitar was created through a partnership with Page and the Gibson Custom Shop in Nashville, Tenn. and is based on the specifications of Page’s original ’71 Gibson EDS-1275 double-neck model that boasted a 12-string electric on top and a six-string electric on bottom.

G&L adds new lefty models

Two new lefties from G&L - There is the L-2000 Lefty for bass players and the Legacy Lefty. Let's take a look:

Music Man Introduces Benji Madden Signature Guitar

Music Man proudly announces the new Benji Madden Signature Guitar, designed specifically for Madden, the lead guitarist for Good Charlotte.

Mutant Guitars

Hello and welcome to the first installment of "Mutant Guitars". This column is intended to be a celebration of "functionally unusual" guitars, their utilitarian purpose, and the visionaries behind their design.

Ax Facts and Stats: SR-71's Mark Beauchemin

Welcome to yet another installation of "Ax Facts & Stats". This month I am thrilled that SR-71's Mark Beauchemin was gracious enough to take time out of his hectic schedule, which includes his current summer tour, to take part in our "A.F.&S."

Tym's Guitars

OK, this is a big one.

I Did It First!

You will see for yourself the second 8 string guitar tuned from a low B to a high A in history. It is my 1992 Gibson "Piano Guitar" prototype. It followed the first 8 string (low B to high A) in history, which was also a Gibson Signature prototype of mine.

High A 7 String

Alex Gregory writes to GNW: Re: 1987-88 Fender 7 String Stratocasters (Maestro A. Gregory Signature models)

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