Guitars made from hemp

MADA guitars bring new form, new material, new design and for the very first time - organically molded hemp. No edges, no joints between top, sides and back, and in great colors: The Venus of the guitar.

Hemp GuitarHemp Guitar

No gimmick. The hemp guitar actually looks like it could be a great guitar. (Photo credits: AWS Designteam)

Hempstone makes it possible. 100% hemp-cellulose, 100% organic, no resin, and a renewable resource. A new procedure allows the spray-molding production of the new designed form. For seven years AWS Designteam head Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky has been experimenting with form and material of this revolutionary guitar.

Some prototypes were designed, produced and tested. Finally in fall 2006 the progress of development had reached the state of finishing a fully functional, charming and sexy guitar.

Hemp GuitarHemp Guitar

(Photo credits: AWS Designteam)

At the very moment more tests are running and construction is once again refined based on research and testing results. The maturity phase is in sight and soon production is being launched.

On June 14th MADA caimes will be publicly presented for the first time at the MADA launch party at the Aws Designteam studio in Vienna.

Partners of Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky in this project are luthier Andi Neubauer and drumparam head Norbert Schmid.

Hemp Guitar

Many more colours are also avilable. (Photo credits: AWS Designteam)

Find more about MADA guitars at


MADA Caimes Specs:


- Size 467 x 323x 50 mm

- Two shelled hempstone® construction

- moulded by

- Sustain Block mahagony

- Material thickness 3-5mm

- One sound-hole


- Scale (25,5’’) 648mm, 23,5 Frets

- Geometry with fingerboard: Nut: 44x21 mm,Fret 12: 52,3x22 (22. Fret: 56 mm)

- Construction Bolt on, reaching under Neck pickup

- Material maple

- Fingerboard rosewood 6mm, radius 12’’ (304,8mm), mother of pearl inlays

- Radius between headstock and neck min. 1,5mm, optim. for milling 6mm


- Bridge Gotoh 510 Tune-o-matic

- Tuners Gotoh 510 3L 3R Nickel


- 1 volume 1 tone Potties; Rosewood

- Pickups PAF Humbuckers, Custommade by Haeussel

This is a Press Release

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Hi, what a great idea. The downside on this type of instrument is how are you going to stop some of these blury eyed musicians and rodies from trying to smoke it. All the best, JohnT

Lol, very true JohnT

As a Luthier I have a few quik quest.- First off-very clean, I really dig the lines-kinda beafy but still a tad elegant-sweet design look.
Hows the material hold the bolt on? I mean does the material allow a rigid joint so the neck can add it's tone? Hard to tell but from what I can see it's a 2 bolt main with a wide heal- did you have to go deep on the inset or did the thin neck help allot? It's a spray on? neet really. is it framed? OK-one last one- did you expeirement with any other fibers with different results- I deffinately understand the choice of hemp- hell- it's cool and that's good enough for rock and roll- but I'd be interested in what luck you had with different matierial in the spray prosess- I know I'm a pain-but you understand I'm sure.
Nice inovate sir-kudos on the leap!

its awesome some1 tell me its price i wanna buy it.

it has a sustaimblock inside where the neck is milled in.
the european retail price (inkluding taxes)is going to be 2850€. (
we launch the product in mid of may 07.

br adam

Thanks for your input Adam. Much appreciated.

And yes I agree with Chad, some very nice lines.

my comment is thisthat i like that guitar because i also ia a guitarist thaty i like a all guitar.plz prasal this guitar for me ok. if u prasal a guitar plz parsan in thisaddress ok. my address is name rabindra khadgi, address is beldadi ward no:2 narayangarh,nepal.plz prasal for me ok.byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

John T, you are ignorant and rude. Do you even know what industrial hemp is? Apparently not!

John T u don't know the difference from pot and hemp?? HA! u can chooff as much hemp as u can but it won't do anything as it doesnt contain the one main ingredient: THC.

anyways back to the topic, these guitars look good, not sure what they sound like, but the idea is there, hemp, a renewable resource. The heamp speaker cabinets app sound good also. So lets hope they continue to design and (grow) more of these hemp guitars!

quiero uina verga de esa.

Thats amazing

guys...chill. john t was making a joke. a bit of the devil's advocate if you will...
great idea on this one! maybe the larger industries will catch onto this great sustainable resource!

This is pretty sick, as a guitar player i would really like to see how this guitar sounds. So you guys should probably put up a video or something, because im wondering how well everything will work together. But yeah if you ever get to make a video, that would be pretty sick.

the declaration of independent supposedly was made of hemp

What kind of Hemp is it?
Plastic? StoneHemp?
If so is biodegradable?


Wow. you're all a bit odd around here...

I'm so glad this guitar is made of a renewable resource like hemp and I'm glad Chad asked all those questions I was going to ask.

As long as it works as good as any guitar, I'm happy with it. I hope more musical instruments will be made out of this type of material so we can still rock on while keeping the environment in mind.

Someone took a crazy idea from a comedy movie, and made it work. Cheech and Chong used a spray molding technique in Up in Smoke when they modified the van.

What a stunning design. The sound sample on the web site show it is as versatile in sound as a PRS. The most beautiful electric guitar I have ever seen.

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