The new Eddie Van Halen Wolfgang Guitar has been launched

Eddie Van Halen has launched the all-new EVH Wolfgang electric guitar and it will be available worldwide beginning Jan. 2009. The EVH Wolfgang guitar represents Eddie's 35 years of experimenting with guitars, over two years of intense research and development, and a full year of brutal road testing during the top-grossing Van Halen 2007-2008 tour.

EVH Wolfgang

It was during the massive 2007-2008 Van Halen tour that the all-new EVH Wolfgang guitar went through extensive live "road testing" performance trials. The tour kicked off in fall 2007, and Eddie punished early versions of the new Wolfgang each night; playing every updated prototype onstage under the full, unfiltered spotlight of his fans. The results are reflected in the EVH Wolfgang guitar; produced to Eddie's exact specifications and with features identical to the Wolfgang guitars he records and performs with.

In 2007, Eddie Van Halen and Fender collaborated to launch the first EVH brand high-performance products, including the all-new EVH 5150III amplifier, the limited run of Eddie Van Halen Frankenstein replica guitars and an array of high-quality EVH brand accessories.

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That thing is awsome.

I love the finish ... it loos sweet!

Finish is nice I'll admit. Overall good looking guitar.

...I haven't seen media hype like this since they tried to push "new" Coca-Cola down our throats. The Feb. issue of Guitar Player is a hundred pages of ads for EVH products with a few ads for other products thrown in to break up the monotony....

Want to get one for my son - awesome guitar - awesome tour. Nothing better than EVH brand - sweet!!!!!

how can u ever,ever not trust anything eddie has done or created?????/ the guitar looks ultra f..g cool. i know i dont have to even test it,it will play like a killer wolfgang k.

anybody know what price range these babies are going for?

im gonn play yankee rose on that shit!!

I will be playing the Ape Skunk Song, I hope Eddie likes it.

But how much is the damn thing going to cost????

Nice, but it will not be sold for a penny less than 2 me. Eddie is all about the money, nothing else.

I have loved Ibanez for years.... But Ill put them all down for that one!!!

Can we get a fucking price and where to buy? Is that to much to ask?

Premier has an article that says, "The guitar will come in Vintage White and Black, MSRP $2999, and Quilt Top Tobacco Sunburst, MSRP $3149". They say nothing about the red, white and black stripe guitar. Here when we thought they would be around 2 thousand they added another thousand to the price. Sonofabitch!

I have the EVH Peavey Wolfgang Standard Sunburst maple flame.It plays so nice and sounds awesome.I have had my friend play it on stage as well.And other guitar players i know will even say it has really nice tone.And nice to play.My Guitar with taxes came out to 2500.00 dollars.That was the Canadian price at the time.So im guessing this Guitar will be same if not more.

What happened to you only need one pick up? Why have two volume controls thought one was enough, you ain't Van Halen you ain't gonna sound like him, do as he did get bits of guitars you like slap it together into one tinker with it until your happy then learn your own stuff, respect the guy tons but he only wants your cash, buy a Musicman, a Kramer, Peavay whatever, much the same and all good but don't come with matching shoes, straps, picks and amps

i remember years ago, in his Kramer days, they, he said were the best guitars on earth, then came the Music Mans, which were, of course way better, then came the Peaveys, they were WAY better. A stint with overpriced Charvel striped copies, then a 25k (!) copie of his Frankenstrat (which is a piece of shit quite frankly) and now, a brand new Best of the best; the EVH Wolfgang. I don't know, will he, in two years, change to Gibson and make a Gibson Wolfgang which will be WAY better than the previous? I don't know... The guitar seems great and i would like to try one out some day but i love my Peavey Wolfgang and Fender Strat. Good luck Eddie, love 'ya man.
(quit smoking goddam !!)

Would agree with you Chinook, seems to be he is his own worst enemy when it comes to his health, most people would give their eye teeth to have his talent, you wonder where his friends are that let him keep messing up his health, then again he is a grown man so stick to what you do best just play the guitar like no other Ed and quit the crap with your health and the marketing of products.

dear Chris 06.01.2009 just wondering if you are a fucking retard or not.. if people want to buy this type of guitar, let them... you don't have to add your less than two cents about it. keep your negativity to yourself.

Does anyone know if this has a 'clean' setting, or is this a one trick pony?

I think this guitar is an upgrade for the Peavey Wolfgang as that one was an upgrade from the EB/MM EVH. Eddie talks about quality standarts set very high and that must be taken into consideration; I have a Peavey Wolfgang upgraded with the Seymour Duncan '1978 EVH pickups (coil-tapped) and it's definately a Les Paul on steroids, much more playable and versatile. I think it's definately overpriced as you can get a standard Peavey Wolfgang for around $1000, which is great value. IMHO, the Charvel guitars are worth $500 (not $2500) and the EVH Frankenstein is a playable jewel/investiment, and that is that.

Yeh another thing to buy from Eddie the guy has no shame , you can`t buy any new music but plaenty of gear theres more mark up profit on gear and touring thats why we have no more new music because there is no money in it and Edd s all about the money now. Anytime he turns up it`s on radio or Tv or magazine is to sell some overpriced gear, never to talk about music or guitar playing .

Eddie is a great guitar player he has inspired me to pick up a guitar. So I am thanking him for everything he has done for music throughout the years. Without him guitar would be very different and probably not as cool. Just like everything else if you want a quality guitar you better be willing to play. Especially a guitar built by musical genius!

I meant you better be willing to pay. lol

Where can I buy this thing at?

Looks to be an "AWESOME"guitar!!! EVH has inspired me to play the guitar....and I'm a DRUMMER!!! I still kinda suck,but he keeps coming out with some great gear! I can't afford the new one yet...but I'm sure the Peavey models price will go down and I'll start with one of those. Eventually I will get his new "Monster"creation,by then I should sound good enough to OWN one! That guitar looks and sounds INCREDIBLE!!!Nice job Ed!

well i got to play one the other day kick ass guitar! i own a wolfgang and a erine ball i lov both guitars! been playing for more than twenthy years and always looking for the next best thing. what i own now works for me but who knows might buy one some day.

I would love to hear the difference between this and the Peavey era Wolfie. I'm pretty happy with the Peavey.

It's like everything in this world - If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with! Eddie settled for companies that allowed him to "Customize" (or chop) his own guitars even if it was mainly the necks he was endorsing!!!

Finally he is with the company that he should have been with in the first place! (although MM is a Fender Company and I'd give my left nut for one of those.)

Go Eddie man - Just GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the average price is about $3,000

This guitar is overpriced bullshit. Warmoth guitars has offered stainless steel fretwire for years and it is NOT indestructible. SS frets have a much longer life, but Eddie's claim is false. What happened to the days of $250 dollars worth of aftermarket components and some Schwinn bicycle paint to build a frankenstrat? I am sure this instrument is of high quality, but $3000 for a guitar to a working musician is totally OUT-TO-LUNCH!!! What about the fucking working man Eddie? Did you have $3000 in 1978 to spend on a guitar? Of, I forgot, you had to build yours from junky "extra" parts from Lynn Ellsworth and and an old Gibson pickup you re-wound....Think about it....

The reason the guitar costs 3,000 is because it will last you for years!!!!!

Garry is a douce !!!

i saw vids, saw price, saw everything,............this is one badass guitar worth lookin at yo....

It is Hype. Eddie is so full of shit these days. There is NOTHING that is any more durable on this guitar other than the SS fret wire which is nothing new. Supposedly, Ed claims that a company that manufactures surgical tools made the metallic component parts on this guitar. WHO CARES? You can buy titanium Floyd upgrades on Floyd But who really needs it? I have Floyds from the 80's that still work fine. This is a trophy for morons.

I'll Stick with my Ernie Ball/Musicman EVH,the original evh signature. Iv'e had it for 18 years now and it is like a fine bottle of wine, worn in, dripping with tone,the best neck in the business( A digital copy of the worn frankie neck). The BEST rock guitar ever made.

This instrument is just too damn costly. Eddie needs to take a look at the economic depravity that is going on right now...NO PUN INTENDED...$3000 is bullshit. Ed could have looked for a reasonable way to make this instrument more affordable. $3000 must be the magic # for Ed lately. Between his amp and new guitar, you'd better start selling drugs to pay for his stuff.

i dunno guys.. i mean you've got to admit that the stuff ed's been producing and selling over the years have been worth their price. yeah, sure the frankenstein replica is never worth the money, IF we are speaking about playability, but come on, each and everyone of us know that it's not meant to be an instrument, it's more like art on the wall, and being so legendary as it is, it think in that sense if someone has got the money, is a true fan and would appreciate the guitar in the correct way, then just stop whining and buy it. i believe that this six-stringed monster that he has now been "creating" could easily be worth the money, both in playability and in other ways, and im not gonna change my opinion 'til i've tried one and it has proven to be a piece of shit... well, im just trying to say, that let's have at least so much trust in the guy who basically revolutionized the concept of playing rock guitar, that we'll try one of his newest "creations" until we call him a greedy piece of shit who sells simple stuff in overprice. just my opinion, in respect of all others too.

I already own a Peavey EVH Wolfgang and love to play the hell out of it. It is literally the sweetest guitar I have ever played. It is IDEAL for smaller hands. I have been following the development of this guitar because I know it is much more than just some endorsement. Of all the guitars Eddie could be playing, this is the ideal. I LOVE the way you can rip into it and not have to think twice about the tuning. I've been softening my wife up for the past year with the inevitability of this guitar finding it's way into my hands.

Be your own person play your own guitar, your own way..
Let me tell you, i go to no end of gigs & watch local bands & if someone sees you playing a Van Halen, Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet, Zakk Wylde etc.. signature guitar They will instantly write you off as a wannabe..
That goes for any record company people that might be there too..

Seriously all the guys i mentioned make a fortune off idiots who can't stand being themselves & have to wake up everyday & eat the Van Halen breakfast serial, drive to work in a car with a 5150 numberplate, then come home & play their Van Halen guitar, through their Van Halen amp, with their Van Halen fx pedals, & go to sleep in red, white & black striped bed-sheets..

Simply because they spend all their time & energy idolizing someone & copying someone rather than realizing that they could be someone themselves!
If they just put the time in, & started to learn about what type of guitar player they could be & what type of guitar/amp/pedals they liked..

Please, it's time to stop, be your own person & stop letting people make money off your stupid idol worship..

Screw you man i have been playing for three years im not saying im really expeirenced
but you have to start somwhere. Eddie had idols. I made a frankenstrat from my crappy strat. And now am building a custom guitar in wood shop. Im using a peavey special floyd rose with an dtuna because i now it works really well plus dtunas are awsome. I havent decided on a body shape but because of you i might make it shaped like a wolfgang A**hole. I love his music but im not trying to copy him. Some people are not very creative so they need a idol. And from this they can make there own stuff. So back off.

Tried this guitar out and absolutly loved it!It plays like a dream.That being said this guitar is priced at thousand bucks too much!Who can afford this stuff without going into debt? Not me, so it's still sitting at the store and at 3000 bucks plus tax they might just stay there.Pity...Maybe if they shaved 600-700 dollars off the price.These aren't good times for alot of us.

I just bought rocks. I have a Gretsch and it so different.

To each his/her own, but I think it's more of a learning experience, more fun to go hands on and build your own bolt-on electrics...get two inexpensive bodies, maybe three different necks, then juggle the parts until you get it right. I remember hearing "Eruption" and the other early VH tracks and how fresh they sounded, and laughing with admiration at the simplicity of EVH using bicycle paint and a little WD40 in the nut (before the Floyd unit). Like Pete Townshend once electric guitar is a plank of wood... after all those stale years of the figured maple top sunburst Les Paul collector cult EVH brillantly reminded us all that the guitar was an interactive living instrument and we should all pursue innovative musicianship, not pieces of furniture. This should be obvious - the final test of any guitar is how comfortable it plays and how good it sounds when you play it! Having said, no disrespect to EVH; he's earned his permanent place as guitar giant of the 20th century, on into the 21st.

ive been playing a evh ebmm since 1992 and it's well worn and sounds and feels amazing! have a pv wolf too but just don't like the neck as much, would love to try the new fender.

Well lets face it, King Edward has made changes in the way we all play the electric guitar. Even more so than the many others who have done new and more demanding things on the fretboard in the last few decades. At 51 yrs old and years of trying what EVH taught me more than anything was that to take a $50 Squire and a carefully chosen and adjusted maple neck, the right pickups and the players favorite strings. And for less than $300 I can please some of the best artists in my area. Everyone who picks up the new Wolfy will either love it or at least agree that it is well set up when you first pull the plastic protectors off of it. That is just the way the Fender Custom Shop rolls. Is it worth the money????? Depends on if you have it. Can you keep 20 years and sell for twice what you paid for it???? Depends on if King Edward goes out better than other kings before him. I'll bet YES!!!!!!!!!!!

I'd love to know exactly how much it cost to "produce" one of these things.

I also feel that it is WAY overpriced. Its a BOLT ON GUITAR!!! Pretty much everything is overpriced in the Guitar market these days. GREED is king!

Its all just wire and wood people! Give me some Alder, a Floyd, a nice thin (but not too thin) neck and a nice pup and it sounds just as good.

I've got a BC Rich PX3T made in KOREA that is neck-thru, ebony board, orig floyd. 800.00 for a guitar that blows my USA JACKSON SL2H out of the water for less than half the price. Again.. its all wood and wire.

Ed has flipped his wig on this one... but if money is no object, buy it. If you want bang for the buck.. go get a Charvel So-Cal for less than 1000.00

Bought the Cream one last week, all I can say is, IT'S A DREAM.

There's no doubt that Eddie is a musical innovator & genius. He did a lot for rock guitar & is among the few musicians out there that are GODS of guitar & that have reached the Chart topping contingency.

Usually you either have chart success or your a guitar virtuoso, but seldom do both happen.

In terms of his gear, well I think that the Wolfgang is a beautiful guitar & I'm sure it plays great & will last a lifetime. I DO NOT THINK IT'S WORTH $3000.00 though. Then again, I don't think Gibson Standard Les Pauls are worth $2400.00 EITHER!!! Look at the American Standard Strat! $1000.00 for a KICK ASS GUITAR. Fender Strats are priced competitively instead of ARROGANTLY!

Bottom line, in the 70's Eddie created new & amazing sounds with a guitar that he put together for less than $250.00 dollars. Several successful years & albums later he was still playing guitars that he built. I respect that. If there are people out there who will pay top dollar for Eddies ideas & creations more power to them & GOD BLESS YA EDDIE! Eddie would be a fool not to offer his gear to the people. The Wolfgang brand should not be looked at any differently than Gibson or Fender. The Wolfgang is not a signature guitar like the Frankenstrat, it's a BRAND!!! There's no shame in owning one. You can play a Tobacco Burst Wolfgang & still be yourself. It's not like going on stage with the signature stripes of EVH. I've taken the most important lesson from Eddie & that is being myself... I play a 1988 Japanese Ibanez RG 550 because I LIKE IT.

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